City Orders Vietnam Vet Business Owner to Remove American Flags From his Own Property

City can’t tolerate the patriotism of a Vietnam Vet.

The city of Denton, Texas has an ordinance that states that you can’t have any more than one U.S. flag on your property. You can have one American flag, one Texas flag, and one other miscellaneous flag, but that’s it.

This particular business owner had dozens on his property and had flown them for decades, and he wouldn’t have found himself in hot water with the city bureaucrats, except that someone called in to complain about all his American flags.

The Blaze reported:

According to KTVT-TV, Andre “Frenchy” Rheault has flown multiple American flags on the grounds of his landscaping company, Frenchy’s, for more than two decades — so the citation he received in the mail Thursday was difficult to swallow.

“I’m patriotic all the time,” Rheault told KXAS-TV. “They say I have too many flags? There is no such thing as having too many flags.”

The problem is that Denton, Texas, city code states that a property within city limits may fly only one American flag, one Texas flag and one “miscellaneous” flag, KXAS reported.

“That’s the same ordinance everyone in this town follows,” said Lancine Bentley, Denton’s community improvement services manager. ”It’s there for everybody.”

Bentley said the city received a complaint about Frenchy’s and upon investigation, found illegal ground signs, no certificate of occupancy, parking on an unapproved surface — and dozens of American flags, which fall under “too many wind devices without a permit,” KXAS reported.

Bentley added that Rheault could purchase a $90 permit up to three times annually that will allow him fly as many flags as he wants for 30 days — but year-round multiple flag-flying is out of the question.

Rheault told KXAS he’s rectified most of the code issues but won’t remove his flags. He said he’ll fight the matter in court if necessary.

“Our country is extremely divided right now, and if there’s one thing that can bring us together, it’s the American flag,” Rheault told KTVT.

Wow, he’s some kind of outlaw, isn’t he? Flying flags on his own property without a government permit? And parking on an “unapproved surface?” Are you kidding me?

If he wants to fly more than one American flag, he can buy a permit for $90. But that’s only good for up to three months out of the year.

There’s something seriously wrong with this country when you have to have government permission to fly more than one U.S. flag on your own property.