City Fines Man for Parking his Cessna in his Driveway

Due to his physical health, this 69-year-old New York man’s doctor advised him to take a break from flying his Cessna, which he previously paid $150 a month to have parked at a local airport. He’s in the middle of a divorce and doesn’t have the money to pay for his parking space, especially since he’s not supposed to be flying it right now. At that point, his only options were to get rid of it, or find somewhere else to park it for free. That’s when he decided to park it in his own driveway. Now neighborhood people and town officials are up in arms over his plane parked outside his house. The town in which he resides, Hempstead, has cited him for violations and fines could total $2,500. He’s secured a lawyer to fight the city. My Fox New York reported:

Harold Guretzky lives in Oceanside.  He doesn’t fly right now because of a medical condition and decided that instead of paying $150 a month to park it at the Republic Airport, he would park it in his driveway.

Guretzky, who is going through a divorce says, “I can’t afford to keep it at the airport.”

The Town of Hempstead was not amused and has hit him with a summons that could cost him $2,500.  Plus, he could face a new summons every week he leaves the plane in his driveway.

“My neighbors are crucifying me,” Guretzky told Fox 5 News. “People have their boats in their driveway.”

He says he wants to allow field trips from schools so that kids can see the plane up close.

Guretzky says he has a security system with a PA system to keep mischievous kids away from the plane.

I used to live in a condo complex with ridiculous homeowners association rules. They’d have snitches snoop around and look at your windows, make sure your screens were in good condition, that your blinds were the right color, and they’d report back to the powers that be all those who were in violation. Violators would get letters on their front door threatening them with fines if the violations weren’t taken care.

I get that this is a bit more than curtain colors, but it’s his property. Since it’s relatively small, the plane isn’t obstructing any public roads. People actually called the police on him for having a plane in his driveway. What was the plane hurting? And he’s got a point. People put boats in their driveway. What’s the difference? Why is that okay, but not a small plane?

New York News