Cities With Highest Income Inequality Voted for Obama

Obama said he wants Republicans to come up with ways to combat income inequality. But “income inequality” is the essence of socialism. And not only that, Obama depends on income inequality in order to stay in power.

A recent Brookings Institute study showed that the cities with the most income inequality also voted for Obama. Now there’s a surprise for you. Here’s CNS News:

“Inequality in big cities exceeds the national average,” according to the study by Brookings senior fellow Alan Berube, entitled “All Cities Are Not Created Equal.”

Berube used data from the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey to calculate the “95/20 ratio” – dividing the number of households with incomes in the top 95 percent by the number of households in the bottom 20 percent.

Using this methodology, he found that the difference between the highest earners and lowest earners was greater in the nation’s 50 largest cities than in the United States as a whole.

“However, some cities are much more unequal than others,” Berube noted.

“The big cities with the highest 95/20 ratios in 2012 were Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami and Boston” – where a household with an income in the top 95th percentile earned 15 percent more than a household in the bottom 20th percentile.

They were followed by Washington, D.C., New York, Oakland, Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore, all of which had a 95/20 ratio exceeding 12 – compared to 9.1 nationwide.

And, it turns out, the cities with the highest levels of income equality also happen to be the same places were Obama won some of his biggest victories in 2012.

The people who voted for Obama were either rich liberal do-gooders who felt good about voting for the first “black” president or poor people dependent on welfare programs who wanted still more government assistance. No surprise there.