Church Failure Led to Obama Re-Election

In colonial America, virtually all news was disseminated from the pulpits of churches throughout the colonies.  Besides being a place to worship God, churches were the only real town meeting center and it was the role of the pastor to keep his flock informed.

When it came time to rebel against the British, the announcements were made from the pulpits.  The call to arms was not only considered to be a civic duty but a religious one as well.  Many a pastor also picked up his rifle and went to fight for America’s freedom.

As America grew, the role of the church continued to be that of religion and news.  Pastors felt it was their duty as servants of God to inform their congregations about important events and about the various candidates running for office.  In those days, pastors were free to endorse political parties and candidates and keep their people well informed.

Now that most churches are tax exempt, they feel that they are not allowed to say anything political whatsoever. The bullying effect of the federal government has all but silenced the church’s involvement in political affairs. However, pastors and church leaders can still keep their people informed of political issues, political ideologies, and to encourage them to vote based on their faith in biblical principles.

Three hundred years ago virtually all political news was disseminated from the pulpit. Today, almost no political news comes from the pulpit. In the 2004 presidential election 27% of voters who attend church regularly said that they received information on political parties or candidates from their place of worship. This past November only 13% said they received information on political parties or candidates from their place of worship.

The rise of liberal progressivism virtually mirrors the declining political role of churches and church leaders.  It just may be that the Church’s silence on political issues and candidates is what gave the election of Barack Obama. Had pastors been doing their job, as in days of old, America may have had whole different look to it today.

Rather than blame the GOP loss on Mitt Romney’s campaign, GOP moderatism, modes of campaign advertising, or any other thing that people have been blaming the GOP loss on, I believe it is a direct result of the Church’s failure to inform their people properly. And until the church realizes that it has a civic as well as religious duty we may never get America back. So when you look for someone or something to blame, look at your own church and pastor and ask yourself if they did their job in informing you of which political issues and candidates were closer to biblical principles. If the answer is no, now you know why Barack Obama won a second term.