Chuck Todd says Republicans are Not Intimidated by Hillary Clinton

Chuck Todd was on MSNBC where he let loose with a nice little nugget that should please Republican voters… apparently, the GOP is not “intimidated” by Hillary Clinton. It’s nice to see Todd recognize that while the left may fawn all over the Clinton family circus, the GOP is not buying the hype.

The only thing that I think Todd gets wrong here is his belief that Clinton’s rough summer is the reason the GOP isn’t intimidated. I think the reality is that there was never really any reason for us to be intimidated at all. Hillary is as much an “empty shirt” as President Obama ever was.


A lot of Republicans obviously believe 2016 is going to be the best chance at the presidency in a long time, or they wouldn’t be clamoring to get in.

One of the things we don’t talk about this, boy this means a lot of Republicans look at Hillary Clinton and are not intimidated. This means a lot of Republicans look at Hillary Clinton and are not intimidated. I’m sorry, nobody a month ago thought Bush, Romney, and Christie could all be running in this race. The assumption was they would sort each other out. They’re not, so I think they all see it as. There’s not 2020, there’s no waiting…

If she’d had a different type of book tour, do we think Jeb Bush gets in, do we think Mitt Romney reconsiders? I don’t put Christie in that category, I think he wants to run to redeem his own political persona more than anything else.

I think there is something to it here, if Hillary Clinton were an intimidating candidate I don’t know if both Bush and Romney would be risking it, it is pretty high risk.

I think this is good news for Rand Paul, Scott Walker.