Christie Refuses To Support GOP Opponent to Democratic NY Gov. Cuomo

I’ve been saying all along the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Democrat in Republican clothes.  He has regularly aligned himself with Democrats such as Barack Obama, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  He has sided with Democrats on a number of liberal issues such as same-sex marriage, Obamacare, supporting Muslims with known terrorist ties and many of the fiscal cliff standoffs.

Yet, a number of Republicans still list Christie’s name in the top 6 Republican candidates for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.  What’s just as confusing is why other Republican governors voted to make him the new head of the Republican Governors Association.

One of the main goals of the Republican Governors Association is to help elect Republican governors in every state possible.  However, that doesn’t seem to be one of the priorities for liberal leaning Christie.

After The Post ran an article that Christie would back Rob Astorino’s possible run for New York Governor, current Gov. Cuomo said that Christie called him to say The Post was wrong.  Astorino, a Republican, is the County Executive of Westchester County who has made hints that he may consider a run for the governor’s mansion in 2014.

According a report, Cuomo said:

“I spoke to Gov. Christie this morning, who told me the exact opposite.’’

Astorino’s friends say they are dumbfounded by Cuomo’s statement, which Christie has not denied.  Astorino and Christie met for an hour at the Republican Governors Association meeting last month in Arizona.  The Post article reporting Christie’s backing of Astorino was made from sources close to Astorino after that meeting between the two men.  Ed Cox, State GOP Chairman for New York said that The Post article was accurate as he was in attendance at the RGA meeting last month.

Since Christie has not denied Cuomo’s statement for the past week, a number of Republicans are growing concerned about his allegiance to the GOP and believe this may greatly harm his chances of any 2016 presidential bid.  One nationally prominent Republican operative who did not disclose his name commented on Christie, saying:

“Christie already has a problem with many Republicans refusing to forgive him because of his embrace of [President] Obama and his socially liberal policies.  But this bizarre behavior in suggesting he won’t help a Republican defeat a Democratic governor, and a Cuomo no less, could finish off his chances of becoming his party’s nominee for president in 2016.’’

I hope that this latest bizarre behavior of Christie puts the final nail in coffin containing his presidential aspirations.  I also hope it makes the rest of the Republican governors take a second look and reconsider making him the head of the Republican Governors Association and replace him with a more conservative governor to lead the charge against Democratic liberalism.