Christian Persecution Rampant & Obama, Clinton and U.N. Remain Silent

Have you noticed that ever since Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, that he, Hillary Clinton and the United Nations have been quick to condemn any hint of Muslim persecution or intolerance towards them?  When U.S. soldiers urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban members, everyone was in an uproar and Obama apologized to the entire world.  When Qurans that were defaced by Muslim prisoners were burned by U.S. troops, the world cried out and Obama apologized.  No one said anything about the Christian Bibles that were burned along with the Qurans.

But where is the outcry from Obama, Clinton and the United Nations concerning all of the Christian persecution going on all over the world?  Have you heard one word of condemnation from the United States or the United Nations?


In Pakistan, Muslims recently started taking their aggressions out on Christians by attacking, killing and then robbing Christians in their midst.  They attacked and burned down St. Paul’s Church in Mardan, Pakistan. Their attack continued as they looted the church run school and library which not only contained over 3,000 Christian books, but also contained a number of Muslim books as well.

In the south of Pakistan, Islamic gunmen opened fire at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral in Hyderabad.  The attack left at least 28 dead and many others injured.

Christian churches have been attacked in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria and Spain.  One attack in Nigeria where a suicide bomb was detonated at Saint John’s Catholic Church, killed 3 and seriously wounded 44 others.

Attacks on Christians have been reported in Egypt, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan.  In Bangladesh, 300 Christian children were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.  In Pakistan, Muslims have been raping and murdering Christian girls and boys.  In one incident, a 16 year old Christian girl was gang-raped for 6 hours by a group of Muslims.  One report states that 2,300 girls, mostly Christians, were forcibly converted to Islam after being kidnapped, then raped and tortured.

A 28 year old Saudi Arabian woman converted to Christianity and had to flee the country for fear of her life.  She fled to Sweden for sanctuary, and the Saudi government has asked for her return so she can face charges of violating Sharia Law.  In the latest report, the Swedish government is working to help return the woman to Saudi Arabia where she may be facing a death sentence for her Christian conversion.

In Syria, members of the Free Syrian Army have been shooting Christians and claiming they are Syrian soldiers.  In one incident where they killed 28 men, 2 of the victims have been identified as working with the Religious Freedom Coalition.  The men were providing aid to those in need when they were gunned down.  There are numerous other reports of Christians being executed by Free Syrian Army members.

Hundred and perhaps thousands of Christians are being attacked, tortured, raped and killed almost every day.  But where is the outcry from the world?  Where is Obama and Clinton’s condemnation for these atrocities?  Where is the United Nations and their Human Rights people?

Their combined silence says volumes, but mostly, it says that it’s okay for Muslims to continue to persecute Christians to the point or rape and murder, because they find Christians to be offensive to their religion.  Their silence also says that Christians have no legal protection anywhere in the world anymore.

From what they have said, it is apparent that if Christians say anything negative about a Muslim or the Islamic religion, that is being intolerant and guilty of hate crimes.  We are truly entering a time when our faith is going to be sorely tested and many will fall away from the church.  Those that remain faithful to Jesus Christ may well find themselves being martyred like the early Christians in Rome.  When the time comes, I will remember and repeat the words of Stephen who upon being stoned to death said:

“Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” (Acts 7:59)