What Christ Did (and Obama Didn’t)

It is Good Friday as I write this, the day Jesus Christ was a little too faithful in His re-enactment of that Mel Gibson movie.

Almost 2000 years ago today, Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, and derided. Had he been a Leftist, this alone would have been enough to make him cry. That’s how you know He wasn’t a Leftist—if he were, the moment the people started making fun of Him He would have said to God, “I give up! Just take me now!”

But no, He accepted it. Beyond the insults, of course, and incomparably worse, there was the torture in a variety of violent, bloody ways that left him disfigured and no longer looking like a man.

He still endured and allowed himself to be nailed alive to a piece of wood, bleeding out for three hours before eventually asphyxiating to death.

He knew that what He was doing was right, and, more importantly to Him, He knew that through God’s grace, His suffering and death would prevent those who accepted him from having to undergo the same fate as Him in the afterlife.

Such self-sacrifice as this is pure love, and what Jesus did was pure self-sacrifice. All sin must be accounted for, and Jesus stepped in for His believers’ sake to suffer that accounting for us.

President Obama, who was equally crucified and resurrected (just ask a fake reverend), once defined sin as being out of alignment with his own values, not those of the God he professes to believe in. And to think, Jesus died for this man as well!

Even if Jesus were just some crazy man who was willing to suffer and die because He had the illusion that it would save us, how could atheists not respect Him and appreciate such an act of pure love?

As a bonus, here’s a video of Obama scoffing at the Bible—you know, to make sure nobody could ever mistake him for a Christian.