Chris McDaniel Beat Thad Cochran by 25,000 Votes?

Democrats are sure that Bush stole the election from Al Gore in 2000. They’re still seething about it.

That’s their natural inclination whenever it’s one of their own that loses an election. When it happens to the opposing team, they call the guy who got votes stolen from him a “sore loser.”

It’s no secret that the GOP establishment and the Democrats wanted to keep Chris McDaniel out of the Senate. Thad Cochran’s campaign was able to convince black Democrats to vote for Cochran in the runoff by calling McDaniel a racist. Voters fell for it, and some of them ended up regretting their crossover vote.

McDaniel has come out saying that he’s got the evidence that shows that he doesn’t even need a re-election. He says the evidence is clear that he won the runoff. By 25,000 votes. Fox News reported:

Mississippi voters don’t register by party, but state law makes so-called crossover voting — casting a ballot in one party’s primary and another party’s runoff in the same cycle — a misdemeanor. Tyner said the campaign had found 3,500 instances of crossover votes, along with the 9,500 “irregular votes” and 2,275 “improperly cast” absentee ballots. It was not immediately clear what made the votes irregular, or how the absentee ballots may have been improperly cast. 

At a press conference, McDaniel’s attorney Mitch Tyner stated:

“Chris McDaniel clearly, clearly won the Republican vote in the runoff. I say that very assuredly because that’s what the mathematics show. It’s not what I’m arguing. After the election, we did some post-election polling. We determined that of the Democrats that did cross over, 71 percent of them admitted they will not support the Republican in the general election. When you take those polling numbers and you go in and do the mathematical regressions, you can see that Chris McDaniel clearly won the runoff by 25,000 votes.”

Even if the evidence were clear enough, I’m not confident that it’ll have any effect. It’s clear that this has been a campaign to keep the tea party out of the public office, because of how much they’re feared. The establishments of both major parties will continue to work together to keep grassroots candidates off the national stage. If that means race-baiting, cheating, and vote fraud, then so be it.