Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz Is A Racist For Implying D.C. Isn’t In America

This is something that Chris Matthews has never done before:  Call someone a racist. OK, I’m joking. That’s pretty much all he does when he doesn’t have anything else to say to a white conservative. And if you’re a black conservative, you’re “trying to act white.”

So here’s Matthews in typical rant fashion, calling Ted Cruz a racist for joking about how D.C. isn’t really a part of America:

MATTHEWS:  Cruz returned to his supporters this weekend where he got shouts of approval Saturday night from his most fervent backers. Here he is drawing the line between them and his fellow Senators and, by the way, all the people represented in Washington.

[cuts to video footage of Cruz speech]

SEN. TED CRUZ: Having spent the past month up in D.C., it is really great to be back in America.

MATTHEWS: Howard [Fineman], this isn’t a casual reference. This is ‘we’re Americans, we white people out here in Texas, as opposed to people who live in the big cities, the ethnics, the blacks, the browns. Those people in Washington, those liberals, they’re not Americans.’ This guy either has a total lack of understanding of American history and the hell we went through in the McCarthy period or he knows it damn well and is playing that card. What do you think it is — knowledge or ignorance?

All because he said that it’s “great to be back in America” after having been in D.C. for the past month? This isn’t racism. People identifying as Republicans and Democrats have always made the observation that Washington D.C. is detached from America. They’re detached from reality. They live their lives in a Washington bubble, divorced from the lives and the hardships everyday Americans face. They’ll talk about the economy being great, but ignore all those real Americans who have lost their jobs or lost their homes to foreclosure. And all those who struggle with rising gas prices, food prices and now, thanks to Obamacare, rising health insurance prices.

Or are they willfully ignoring them? Maybe they just don’t know, which would further show their detachment from America. And Matthews shows that he is equally as detached from reality.