Chris Matthews, Mind Freak

I think it’s time to begin a formal list containing all the words that Chris Matthews believes are racist dog whistles. So far we have Chicago, golf, White House, apartment, community organizer, ACORN, states’ rights, welfare, and Marxist—oh wait, that’s just describing what Obama is. Now we can officially ad “we” to the list. Yes “we,” the word usually used to reference a group of people as a single organization made up of individuals. We is racist, so we can’t say it anymore…I mean, us can’t say it anymore.

On a recent episode of Now With Alex Wagner, Chris Matthews said:

“[T]hey have this weird ‘we’ they refer to. ‘We the American people.’ Why does a group of people that always loses elections or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves ‘the American people’? Do they still count blacks as three-fifths of a vote? Is that the way to count it? Is that they way they count it? Because seriously, why do you say ‘we the American people’ when the president keeps getting re-elected, and you keep saying ‘Oh, we don’t like him. We don’t like him.’ Now how does that work? Why do they vote for him? So there’s this ‘we’ I’m very worried about, like ‘we’re more American than the rest, so we should get a higher weighting of who we are.’ I think it’s dangerous.”

What doesn’t good ole Chris understand? Besides the inherent brainlessness of Matthews’ sentiment, let’s examine his argument. He claims that “we” is peculiar, in that seemingly only Tea Partiers use it. Given that, he claims that “we” excludes Black people, because…uh, well, yeah. He claims that “we” is only used by bigots who lose elections. So if “we” were to be used by Democrats, it wouldn’t be about race. Are you beginning to see a pattern? That’s correct! There is none! His argument is nonsensical.

Generally, I break down opposing arguments to better understand them, but this argument cannot be disassembled into smaller parts because it has none. It’s the ravings of a disillusioned loser, who can’t believe that we Americans can’t stand what Obama is doing. That’s all. But here’s the scary part. A majority of Liberals argue like Matthews does. They throw out conjecture after conjecture, and wait for something to stick.

This example is laughable, but often the ravings are more difficult to take down. Be on the lookout for this psychosis. Ask for evidence, and Liberals will cite feelings. Ask for facts, and they will change the subject. It’s all a game. Liberals think they can say anything, and Conservatives will run away like little girls. Watch what happens when you challenge a Liberal like Matthews. They’ll have a breakdown.