Chris Matthews: “I’m so glad we had that storm last week…”

Closing out election coverage on MSNBC, Chris Matthews praised the president, saying this:

“I am so proud of the country. To reelect this president and overcoming — not because of the partisanship or even the policies. Here’s an African-American guy with an unusual background — part immigrant background, part African-American background — with all this assault on him from day one. From Mitch McConnell, from the clowns out there that will never be elected, never will be to anything. And the way he took it, as someone said, with coolness and charm and dignity and took it and took it and kept moving forward and doing his job…Good work for them. Good work for him. A good day for America.”

This is all well and good, though I categorically disagree with the sentiment that Barack Obama walked this election cycle with “coolness and charm and dignity.” As we all know, Obama has been the most divisive president in recent history; sending out his surrogates to assassinate Mitt Romney’s character again and again. Even the Vice President himself said this of Romney and Ryan: “It’s not just a lie, but it goes to character. They don’t have much character at all.’’

He then went on to say that Obama doesn’t deal in deception, and that he means what he says. I beg to differ on that point as well. He said he’d cut the deficit in half, he expanded it; he said Obamacare was budget neutral, it isn’t. I could go on to list seemingly endless promises broken by the president, but I won’t.

But back to Chris Matthews. After he made that first statement, he said this:

“I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

Wow. Despite all of Chris Matthews’ faults–and he has many–I am still shocked by what he said. This is an anchor of a “major” news organization, and he says plainly that he is glad that the storm happened. Can you imagine if a conservative pundit said something like that about Katrina? They would be reprimanded and probably fired; the Left would be inconsolable. But this is the state of the mainstream media.

In summary:

How does a president with such an abominable record get re-elected? In large part because of clowns like Chris Matthews. This behavior goes far beyond MSNBC (though they are the most obvious example). This is the state of American media.

Chris Matthews will not be reprimanded, and his comment will barely make a blip on the news radar. People like him are allowed to say things like that because they are protected; they are part of the elite, Leftist media. This insulation gives them freedom to say whatever they need to get their candidate elected, without fear of reproach.

We can change this. Fox and talk radio are fighting the battle, but there is more to be done. We, as a community can talk about it, discuss it and make it news. Maybe, in time, we can change the tide of the Leftist media.