Chris Christie Thinks the 4th Amendment is “Ridiculous”?

During the sound bite contest presidential debate, Chris Christie was asked about Rand Paul’s position on the NSA’s surveillance programs. “Do you really believe you can assign blame to Senator Paul just for opposing the people’s bulk collection of phone records in the event of a terrorist attack?” moderator Megyn Kelly asked. Christie had commented just last month that Senator Paul “should be in front of hearings in front of Congress if there’s another attack.”

Oh, brother. The hugs that Christie remembers are the hugs that he received from families who lost loved ones on September 11th. What an eye-roller.

And you ever notice how Patriot Act apologists always appeal to their proximity to the 9/11 attacks, as if that has any relevance at all? “I was just down the street when it happened; therefore, I know a lot more about how to prevent terrorist attacks than you do. The 4th Amendment is esoteric and outdated.”

Paul’s opposition to the NSA’s widespread surveillance is rooted in the 4th Amendment, which prohibits searches and seizures without a probable cause-based warrant. The 4th Amendment purposefully makes it difficult for a government official to search someone or his belongings and to seize anything. Of course, if there really is obvious criminal activity going on, then identifying probable cause and getting a judge to sign off on a search warrant won’t be all that difficult.

What the NSA are doing is indiscriminate data collection on all Americans. Phone calls, emails, text messages, internet habits, instant messages, etc. are all the property of the NSA. They say it’s all about terrorism and national security, but everyone knows that’s all a joke. The TSA operate under the same pretenses, and they fail to pick up on weapons, drugs, and explosives going through “security” a shocking 95% of the time. If a terrorist wanted to do some damage at an airport or on a plane, as long as the TSA were running “security,” he’d have no trouble. The whole “national security” and “terrorism” reasons are just excuses to monitor and keep track of every single American.