Chris Christie on Why Americans Hate the Congressional GOP

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) made a very good argument on NBC’s Meet the Press for why conservative voters hate the GOP and why they are willing to support unconventional candidates like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

Chuck Todd: Let me start with… something you said: “We have no choice but to work together.” 

And it seems to be a message that isn’t resonating right now with Republican primary voters, who aren’t interested in compromise and coming together. They are interested in, in the case of congress maybe, burning the place down.

Chris Christie: I think that’s why they are not working together. They want to burn Congress down because it doesn’t do anything.

Let’s face it. I was out on the trails a lot in 2014 helping governor candidates senator candidates to get elected.

What have these guys done –these new senators– that they promised to do? We don’t have tax reform on the president’s desk. We don’t have a repeal and replace of Obamacare on his desk. We don’t have any of the things that they ran on… Make the president veto them. This is why people can’t stand Congress.

Chuck Todd: Obviously they underdelivered. Was it an overpromise?

Chris Christie: No, I think they underdelivered… I have had a Democratic legislature in New Jersey. I’ve had 400 vetoes… I’ve vetoed more tax increases than any governor in American history.

At the same time, we have passed the property tax cap, reformed teacher tenure, reformed the pension system. With a democratic legislature, you can stand up and still find a way to work together and compromise.

But these folks on capitol hill have no interest in that, the people in Washington care more about shows like this inside the belway and spouting off things.