Chipotle Runs “Homo” Ad Campaign

Chipotle is “taking a stand” and celebrating the Supreme Court’s opinion that homosexual marriage should be allowed all across the country, regardless of what individual states decided based on their own respective majority votes.

They’re of course not actually taking a stand. They’re riding a wave. It’s a marketing campaign. And Chipotle reasoned that if they’re going to try to reach out to the homosexual community and get their business and the business of other supporters, they’ve got to be able to speak their language.

Ordinarily, using sexual imagery and vulgar humor in a company’s ads is not something that a “family-friendly” business like Chipotle would agree to do. But since they’re appealing to the LGBT community, they’ve got to use jokes about genitalia. Then, and only then, is such humor appropriate. I guess that’s all homosexuals think about. The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

Chipotle has been handing out some provocative coupons at gay pride parades around the country. 

The coupons are printed with the phrase “¿Homo estás?” above a photo of a burrito.

chipotle homo ad

Below the burrito, there is text that reads, “Which way do you sway?” with arrows pointing to two buttons. One button reads “I eat tacos” and the other reads “I eat burritos.”

Chipotle also tweeted the “¿Homo estás?” phrase — which the company has been using for a while on t-shirts and other promotional materials — following the Supreme Court decision last week that legalized gay marriage across the US.

Many people applauded the company’s show of support for gay marriage, while others also accused Chipotle of exploiting the ruling to sell more burritos. 

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said the company has used the tagline in support of Pride events for several years “and it has always been very well received in the LGBT community.”

“If there are some who find it insensitive, we certainly apologize for that,” he told Business Insider.

Chipotle responded to some of its critics with an apology.

I trust you picked up on the not-so-subtle sexual imagery and genital reference of burritos and tacos. “Which way do you sway?” Get it?

As soon as the thrill of same-sex marriage is wearing off, they’ll stop and pick something else that will help them sell more burritos and tacos. That is after all primarily what they’re after, as a friend of mine wrote about a year ago regarding Burger King’s “Proud Whopper”:

Does anyone think Starbucks or Nike or Subaru or Burger King give a flip of the burger about homosexuals? I’ll give you a hint. They don’t. They are businesses, and as such, they want to maximize their profits by gaining loyal customers. They leverage their ad campaigns for positive exposure while attempting to limit the backlash from other potential or actual customers. So Subaru knows that they have the absolute loyalty of the River Arts District in Asheville, most of whose occupants already sympathize with the LGBT cause. So Subaru keeps driving that gravy train, knowing that they won’t lose many customers if they tip their hat to homosexuals (and they might even gain a few more customers as the LGBT cause gains in popularity). This goes for all businesses.