Child Euthanasia Passes Belgium Senate, Are We Next?

A little over a month ago, I informed you that the Belgium legislature was looking to pass legislation that would allow euthanasia for kids younger than 18.  The Belgium Socialist Party is the ruling party of the European nation and they are proving that socialists place little value on human life.

Currently, euthanasia is allowed for anyone 18 and older.  Sponsors of the bill claim that the bill is intended to give parents the options of ending the suffering of a child.  Yet, opponents argue that young children are unable to understand what’s involved in making such a decision to end their lives.

Last Thursday, the Belgium Senate voted 50-17 to pass the child euthanasia bill which will now go to the House for consideration where many believe that bill will be easily passed.  If that happens, the bill will then land on the desk of Belgium’s King Philippe who only came to the throne on July 21, 2013.

One opponent of the child euthanasia bill, Tom Mortier described the Senate’s vote as ‘insanity.’  Mortier, a lecturer in chemistry at Leuven University College in Belgium, has fought against euthanasia ever since his mother was euthanized by a prominent euthanasia doctor in Belgium.  She didn’t suffer from any painful disease or injury; she was euthanized because she suffered from chronic depression.  Speaking of his mother’s euthanasia, Mortier stated:

“Her departure wasn’t the serene family gathering, full of peace and reconciliation, which euthanasia supporters gush about.  The University Hospital in Brussels phoned my wife the day after.”

“It was the first we had heard of it. My mother died without her closest family at her bedside.”

“This law hurts immensely.  I don’t understand why my country isn’t questioning it more.”

Wim Distelmans, the doctor who put down Mortier’s mother also euthanized a pair of 45 year old twins just because they were both going blind.  If that is reason enough for ending one’s life, just think about some of the people that were either born blind or became blind or visually impaired in their lives and how much they contributed to society.  People like Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Andrea Bocelli, Louis Braille, Harriet Tubman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Galileo Galilei, John Milton, James Thurber, Claude Monet, Horatio Nelson, William Prescott, John Stanley, Joseph Pulitzer, Doc Watson, Richard Bernstein, Eduard Degas, Ella Fitzgerald, Homer, Isaac from the Old Testament, Ronnie Milsap, Samson from the Old Testament, and so many more.

Mortier told

“You can’t be a little bit in favor of euthanasia.  Then, you are lost…. you will open Pandora’s box and this is what is happening in Belgium.”

“This law isn’t about the patients, but it gives a license to kill for the doctors.”

“Everything we know about Belgian euthanasia flows through the hands of its leading practitioner.  Can a man who is judge, jury and executioner be expected to tell the world about the defects in his euthanasia empire?”

The Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study in 2010 that reported a shocking find concerning Belgium’s existing euthanasia laws.  They claimed that 32% of euthanasia deaths are performed without an explicit request from the patient or family.  In a second study, also performed in 2010, the CMAJ reported that in euthanasia deaths involving nurses, nearly 45% never had a specific request.

All deaths from euthanasia are required to be reported to authorities.  But another study conducted in 2010; this time by the British Medical Journal revealed those reports are not being made.  In fact, just over 47% of euthanasia deaths go unreported.

The inhuman policies of Belgium’s Socialist Party are not all that different than those of Democratic Party here in the US.  They already endorse the murder of unborn children and some have openly professed euthanasia for the terminally ill, elderly, severely handicapped and the mentally challenged.  Pushing to legalize the murder of people of all ages for non-critical issues like depression or blindness can’t be too far behind.  If the decent conservative American’s sit by and do nothing, the liberal Democrats will surely echo the same socialist policies we are seeing in places like Belgium where human life has little value any more.