Chicago’s extortionists victimize Chick-fil-a?

Crimes against traditional values are allegedly being perpetrated by the City of Chicago and a local Gay Rights charity is leading the charge. Chicago Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno and the LGBT group “The Civil Rights Agenda” worked together to force Chic-fil-a Corporation to publicly humiliate themselves and change company policy for the right to expand in the Chicago market.

It was reported yesterday, after being publicly maligned and threatened for their CEO’s religious beliefs and their support of charities with traditional family values (Moreno vowed to block Chic-fil-a expansion in his neighborhood) the fast food chain succumbed to pressure and agreed to re-evaluate its future charitable donations to organizations Alderman Moreno has described as hate groups. They also issued a company-wide memo to be distributed to all employees outlining more soothing terms of surrender in what has become an ideological war with Gay radicals.

Two issues arise from these strong arm tactics:

1. Did Alderman Moreno commit a crime by threatening to block Chic-fil-a expansion in his neighborhood unless they met his demands?
2. Has “The Civil Rights Agenda” a 501c3 charity violated IRS law by engaging in political activity?

Perhaps our Justice Department should be investigating Alderman Moreno for what is clearly his and the City of the Chicago’s discrimination based on religious beliefs. It is my belief that this type of behavior by a public official will only lead to “religious profiling” by government sanctioned LGBT activist community and deprive more traditional Americans of their First Amendment Rights not mention their rights to free association. What say you A.G. Holder? Is First Amendment rights exclusive to the governments protected classes or do they apply to everyone?

Recently it has been suggested that Faith based groups like the Catholic Church be denied there tax exempt status for their opposition to Obama care birth control mandates. The Catholic Church is not the only target of the left wing activist community it just happens to be the largest. Calls for IRS investigations continue to mount as our nations churches raise their voices and call upon their members to re-evaluate their loyalties to policies detrimental to the health of their faith.

How is it that a so called gay rights group is excluded from the scrutiny of the IRS? Whether you support same sex marriage or not, IRS regulations apply to the political activism of every group granted the privilege to operate as a not-for-profit. Same sex marriage is not a civil right; however marriage between a man and women is recognized as protected by law. Lobbying and working with a Chicago Alderman to effect “policy” changes is political and as such warrants a look from the IRS. I would also like to know how much government grant money is being channeled to “The Civil Rights Agenda” for their efforts to extort (by proxy) changes to a private businesses operating procedures?

For me this infuriating attack on our national morals is not about my beliefs as much as it is about breaking the law. For decades our judicial system has been bending the law like a pretzel to services the left wing agenda of moral delinquency. Now a powerful Chicago Alderman and a government funded group of miscreants have achieved a private sector precedent that if left unchallenged will be used against more businesses and eventually, I fear, Christian Houses of Worship. What’s next, a Muslim city councilman refusing a Church building permit unless they agree to abstain from eating pork at the Church fundraisers?

Perhaps someone should explain the current law to Alderman Moreno and the LGBT community. They are not being denied the civil right to marry. They like every other American; they are prohibited from marrying the same sex just as I am prohibited from marrying my golf clubs. Redefining the marriage to include same sex applications will have far reaching policy consequences in our nation. If we don’t become as active as the radicals this thing will snowball and change more than you can imagine. For those who doubt me look up family re-unification guidelines in Immigration Reform proposals. You might be surprised to see it has provisions to accommodate LBGT couples.