Chelsea Clinton Endorses Mother!

File this one under “Duh”.

Chelsea Clinton has taken a break from her pressing and successful journalist career to let us all know that she will support her mother in a presidential run.

While no one is surprised by this revelation, it does strike me as yet another example of the stunning amount of navel gazing that our main stream media does.

What a wonderful way for an MSNBC host to waste a few hours, getting together with another NBC employee and interviewing them. Hard hitting? You betcha.

Wow. I am glad to know that we “need” women in leadership roles. I think that the good folks at MSNBC think that they are the only people in the USA who believe that not only can women be in the workforce, but that they can (and should be) in leadership positions.

The amount of hubris that MSNBC displays daily is astonishing. It seems they believe that they live in a nation of troglodytes.

MSNBC was not the only broadcasting giant to snag Ms. Clinton recently; NBC was also fortunate enough to get a sit down with her to discuss some of the most important news of the day…which mostly centered on her and her parents being awesome humanitarians.

In this even more informative (if that’s even possible) interview, Ms. Clinton unveils her support for her mother and her belief that whatever her mother does will be in the best interest of our country. Perhaps the most interesting piece of news uncovered in the Today show interview is that if and when Hillary Clinton runs for President, Chelsea will whole-heartedly endorse her. We are so fortunate to have NBC news around to handle these no holds barred interviews. (Dripping with sarcasm)

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Obviously, being the cynic that I am, what I see here in these two NBC puff pieces is the opportunity to pump up Mrs. Clinton’s credibility. (Not to mention this similarly puffy CNN piece)hillary_clinton-scary

We can see her in a positive light here, as a mom, and as a humanitarian working hard to make the world a better place. Inevitably some of these moments will be replayed in the run-up to the Presidential election of 2016 to remind us just how wonderful Hillary Clinton is. The problem is that in the case of Hillary Clinton, perception does not agree with reality.

She is not worthy of the Presidency, and stories like this are “just putting lipstick on a pig.” (Mrs. Clinton is not a pig… this is just a turn of phrase meaning the media is using some superficial story to hide the truth of who Mrs. Clinton really is.) One only has to study the recent uncovering of the State Department scandals to understand what kind of political monster Secretary Clinton actually is.