If Chelsea Clinton Has an Abortion, Will Liberals Mourn?

You may not have heard, but Hillary Clinton is expecting a grandchild sometime this year. Her daughter Chelsea is pregnant. If you didn’t know, don’t feel bad; the media has been very hush-hush about it. “A politician’s personal life doesn’t matter,” don’t you know?

I have a question: Would Hillary Clinton be sad if her daughter had a miscarriage? I doubt any average pro-abort would not be sad be if his or her daughter miscarried.

But why? What is sad about losing a clump of cells that is supposedly neither human nor alive? Would Hillary be grieving over losing the prospect of being a grandparent? Is that what would be so horrible with the miscarriage of her granddaughter? If so, what about the belief that “It’s only a potential child, so get over it”? If pro-aborts hold that belief—and they do—one could just as easily retort, “You were only a potential grandparent, so get over it.”

What is so sad—honestly, I want a pro-abort to tell me—about miscarriages? There is an infinite supply where that parasite came from, isn’t there? If Chelsea Clinton had a miscarriage, she and her husband could just make another clump of cells, right? There can be no harm in a miscarriage if there is nothing in the womb to harm. And if there is no harm, who cares? It’s just a miscarriage, people.

How about this: Would Hillary Clinton be sad if her daughter had an abortion? Well, she’s only human (allegedly), so I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t feel even the faintest twinge of sadness.

Why would this be, though? It’s a wonderful thing when a woman chooses abortion, for it is symbolic of freedom from patriarchal oppression, a taking control of her own destiny. Right? How can any feminist, future grandmother or no, be against the abortion of her future grandchild?

Is what is sad the fact that the clump of cells was wanted? Is that why when pro-aborts want that clump of cells, they happily refer to it as a baby, but when they don’t want that clump of cells, they refer to it is a fetus? What happens if Chelsea wants her baby, but then changes her mind? Will pro-aborts go from referring to it as The Precious Clinton Grandchild to The Worthless Clinton Grandfetus? Does our opinion of things somehow change the objective nature of those things? Are we really that magical?

I want to understand the logic of the pro-aborts. Surely their beliefs are based on logic…right?