Charlie Crist’s Boss and Campaign Advisor Caught in Marijuana Haze!

After Charlie Crist’s political fortunes imploded in his doomed run for the Senate he returned to working as a lawyer. The firm he joined is helmed by Crist’s good friend and campaign contributor, John Morgan. Well, Morgan may have given Charlie gainful employment… but he’s also saddled him with a pretty disturbing scandal.

Check out what camera’s caught Morgan doing in Lakeland, Florida recently.

Here’s what the local newscasters had to say about the incident…notice they leave “Good Time” Charlie out of the mess…

They may have forgotten Crist – but we haven’t…

…Morgan, 57, is leading a high-profile ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Florida for medical use, and he’s a key adviser to former Republican Gov. Crist’s unprecedented campaign to win back the Governor’s Mansion as a Democrat.

Some wealthy middle-aged businessmen bag trophy wives; Morgan goes for trophy lawyers, and Crist is the biggest trophy and best rainmaker at Morgan & Morgan.

“I’ll definitely lose a lot of money if he becomes governor,” said Morgan, describing Crist as a magnet for lucrative cases — from BP oil, to sinkholes, to a pollution case where damages could approach $100 million. “People call all day long to talk to Charlie. The guy walks down any aisle of Publix and passes out five business cards. Those people call.”