Channeling Ferguson: Man Gets Tasered and Beat up by Cops in Walmart

The main difference between this instance and Ferguson is that the guy sustaining upwards of 20 blows from cops and getting tasered happens to be a white guy. That’s also the reason something like this won’t make national headlines or warrant rioting and looting from others and visitations from the “Justice” Department.

Of course, the guy didn’t die, but he did have to be transferred to a hospital following his tasering and beating. From WSPA:

An arrest Saturday led to some witnesses thinking the arresting officers went a little far. 

In a video sent to 7 On Your Side, you can see a man lying on the floor of the Walmart on Whitehorse Road and the deputies attempting to arrest him. Witnesses from the scene felt the officer’s actions went too far, but the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office [in North Carolina] is investigating the incident. 

According to Greenville County Master Deputy Jonathan Smith, deputies responded around 1:00pm Saturday to a call about an intoxicated man outside the Walmart.

He said the first deputy arrived to find the man acting erratic outside the store. The deputy approached the man and tried to speak to him. The man apparently kept repeating “I’m 911” to the deputy before walking away inside the store.

Smith said the second deputy arrived and the decision was made to enter the store and arrest the man. He says the man was resisting enough that a deputy had to use a taser in order to arrest him.

Smith said the man was taken outside the store and transported to a Greenville hospital. Smith said the man is undergoing evaluation to determine if he was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Several videos have surfaced of the incident on the internet. Smith says they are reviewing them and will comment further at a later time.

The identity of the man has not been released yet. 

For some reason, the text of their report doesn’t mention the blows the guy received for “resisting arrest.” Here’s the news video containing footage of the incident:

Obviously, the guy was out of his mind. Either he was drunk, high on some drug, or he was just not all there to begin with. But he wasn’t violent. If he had reacted violently, that would be different. These days, cops will use any excuse possible just to beat someone up. They’ll claim you’re “resisting arrest” if you’re suffering a diabetic shock.