Center For Reproductive Rights Makes Abortion Funny!

Winston Churchill said “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” This quote applies to so many aspects of life; but above anything else, for me, this quote personifies the general publics’ understanding–or lack thereof–of abortion.

A few days ago marked the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade. Yesterday, I wrote about the most common arguments made by pro-choicers, and how to dissect them. Today, I want to talk about The Center for Reproductive Rights.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is an abortion advocacy group, dedicated to protecting the “reproductive rights” of women. On Monday, the group released a video, marking the anniversary. In the video, actor Mehcad Brooks, backed by soft music and lighting, talks to Roe V Wade as if it’s a woman, commemorating their 40th. Here is one of the more interesting quotes:

“All these years…they’ve been trying to tear us apart; take you away…that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, baby. Fight.”

Here is the video in full:

This video, celebrating Roe V Wade, is out and out disgusting. It doesn’t offend me so much as it makes me sad. I feel sad for those in the abortion advocacy realm who think that a commercial like this is ok. I feel sad for those who laugh at this commercial because they have no idea what abortion truly is. Most of all, I feel sad for those this video implicitly mocks by making light of such a profound, and intense issue.

To most people, this video will pass by unnoticed. The average voter may chuckle at it, maybe even nod their head in support of abortion rights. Many people will feel proud of this 40 year benchmark, because who are we to stop a woman from making her own reproductive choices? After all, it’s just some zygote.

The average American voter has absolutely no concept of the procedures of abortion. The media certainly doesn’t mention it; you never learn about it in school. Most people see abortion as a simple procedure: a woman walks into a clinic with a zygote, and walks out with her dignity, and freedom to live her life. If you ask a person on the street, or even your friends and family, what goes into performing an abortion; they will have absolutely no idea.

The average voter doesn’t know the difference between a saline abortion and a Dilation and Evacuation, otherwise known as a D&E. They don’t know about the sharp hose that is shoved in the back of the infant’s skull in order to vacuum out the brain. They don’t know about infants being cut apart, piece by piece, so that they can be removed one body part at a time. Certainly, the average voter has never seen pictures of the end result: bloody, mangled, decapitated infant corpses; so revolting it makes your stomach churn.

No; the average voter, inoculated to the violence by Liberal propaganda regarding “Female reproductive rights” will never know the true nature of abortion. They will see this disgusting parody video, and think “Thank goodness for Roe V Wade. Look how far we’ve come!”

I am convinced that if the average voter knew what abortion really is, it would be outlawed. I am also convinced, however, that those who advocate abortion will never let that happen. Keeping the voter in ignorant bliss is the easiest way to control them, and control policy. The Nazis used propaganda and the ignorance of the average person to cover up the slaughter of millions; with commercials like this, the American media is doing the same thing. It is deeply frightening that in this age of nearly infinite informational resources, Winston Churchill’s quote remains positively accurate.