CDC: US Murders 5% Fewer Infants!

As I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on my drive home for Thanksgiving, I had a lot of time to think. On a day that millions of Americans are thinking about and celebrating the blessings in their lives, the CDC put out its annual report detailing the abortion rates in the United States.

According to the CDC, in 2009–the most recent year for which the information is available–abortion rates dropped the most in a decade; down by 5% from the previous year. That is to say that only 785,000 infants were terminated that year. Wow, good for the United States!

We live in a country that allows the termination of 785,000 infants a year (actually more, because several states, including California, don’t report their numbers). We live in a country where a 5% drop in wanton slaughter is celebrated, and abortion is talked about in such a clinical way that many people don’t even understand its true nature.

This is a quote from the CDC report:

“Despite these multiple influences, given that unintended pregnancy precedes nearly all abortions, efforts to reduce the incidence of abortion need to focus on helping women avoid pregnancies that they do not desire. Providing women and men with the knowledge and resources necessary to make decisions about their sexual behavior and use of contraception can help them avoid unintended pregnancies.”

Other than to discuss how far our country has fallen that we are willing to call infanticide “A woman’s right to choose,” I bring this up because we have elected a President who not only supports abortions in all cases, but while he was a Senator in Illinois, voted 4 times to deny human rights to infants born alive following failed abortions.

Barack Obama has claimed that the reason he voted against the bill was because it would undermine Roe v. Wade, and therefore, the rights of women. However, in 2002, the Federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act passed the Senate by 98 votes to 0, and was signed into law on August 5th of that year. This Federal bill included a “Neutrality Act,” assuring that the bill would not undermine Roe v. Wade. This bill did not only have the full support of Republicans, but of almost all Democrats as well.

In 2003, the bill came up once again in the Illinois state legislature, when Obama was the chair of the Health And Human Services Committee. Obama himself had the bill amended to include the “Neutrality Act,” in order that it would mirror the federal bill, then still voted against it.

What we can conclude from this information is that our President was either wildly stupid or willfully malicious. Our culture has been so desensitized by the way politicians and Hollywood talk about abortion that we elected a man who, without excuse, voted to deny life saving services to an infant born alive following a failed abortion. Even worse, we elected him twice!

Lastly, this is a quote directly from the horse’s mouth. In the 2002 Illionois Senate floor debate, Barack Obama said this regarding the bill:

“I suspect, and my impression is, that the Medical Society suspects, as well as doctors feel that they would be under that obligation, that they would already be making these determinations, and that, essentially, adding an additional doctor who then has to be called in an emergency situation to come in and make these assessments is really designed simply to burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion.”

In summary:

What is left to say about this issue? What is left to say about the character of our President? And lastly, with all of this, what can we be thankful for this Thanksgiving? The priorities of this country have been twisted in such a way that we, as a nation, have become unrecognizable. Well, we can be thankful that we still have politicians who are willing to stand up for the rights of the unborn; and we can do our best to reveal the true, barbaric nature of abortion. We can never give up the fight when life itself is being denied to so many. Today, I am thankful for life, and despite discouraging statistics, hopeful for the future.