Caught on Camera! Police Capture Gunman in TV Studio

You never know what you’ll see on your local news broadcast. In the Netherlands a gunman took over a newsroom with the apparent hope of sending a message to the entire country.

Instead it was the police who sent the message when they took the idiot down.


A national news broadcast in the Netherlands was hijacked on Thursday by a gunman who apparently hoped to send a message to the entire country, but who instead found himself rapidly arrested by Dutch police.



Footage of the attack was caught on a live television feed at NOS, the country’s biggest national news broadcaster, and shows the man pacing through the studio while holding a pistol.

“This is taking too long,” he complains, only to be surprised by police who stormed into the studio and ordered him to get on his knees. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, the gunman quickly dropped his gun and surrendered.

The gunman apparently was unaware that the television feed was live, and therefore failed to make his statement. As a result, just what message the gunman hoped to send is unknown. It is also unclear whether or not he was acting alone.

Police say the man bolstered his attack with bomb threats.

“He took the security guard hostage and said he wanted air time. If they didn’t give it to him, he said there would be bombs in different places in the Netherlands that would explode if he didn’t get time on TV,” police spokesman Christine Scholts said, according to Reuters. Thus far, those bomb threats appear to have been empty, though police are still searching the building.