The Catholic Church Disappoints With Amnesty

There‚Äôs nothing more compassionate than the law when it’s equally and fairly applied to everybody without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin.” – Joe Carr

I’ve become very disappointed with the Catholic Church as of late due to their involvement in the immigration crisis. They have recently begun to push for amnesty, claiming that it is the merciful thing to do. Apparently, having mercy on American citizens seeking jobs isn’t a priority for the church. My disappointment stems from the church’s seeming inability to distinguish Christ-like mercy from patent acceptance of law breaking.

There is certainly a time, and place for mercy, but one must first discern whether or not a situation is deserving of it. As I mentioned several days ago in my article about Glenn Beck, and Ted Cruz heading to the border to give supplies to illegal children, a distinction must be made between criminals, and innocents. Moreover, one must be able to show mercy while also keeping the commands of the law, because without the law, we have anarchy. Cruz did a fantastic job navigating the situation by giving basic supplies to the children who have crossed the border illegally, while also condemning amnesty. In providing the supplies at the border, Cruz was able to showcase just how bad the conditions are in which the illegal children are being kept. This offered him an opportunity to exhibit the carelessness of the Obama administration, while also making the case against amnesty.

The Catholic Church has fallen into the trap that the left has set up. The left has made this entire crisis about the children. They have manufactured a situation in which the United States is somehow the responsible party in the illegal crossing of these kids. Once the focus turns to the children, it becomes difficult for people to support deportation, because deporting children seems cruel. Those are really the basic bones of the crisis. To keep conservatives from advocating against amnesty, the left has thrown illegal children in front of a speeding bullet. The Catholic Church has fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

Another way in which the left has skewed the situation is by conflating mercy with amnesty. They have convinced the church that the only merciful thing to do in the face of this crisis is to support amnesty. In doing so, they have devalued not only the laws of the United States, but also the lives, and livelihoods of American workers. How does this mercy affect legal immigrants? How does it affect our economy, and the laws by which we live our lives? Apparently, amnesty is more important than the prosperity of our own citizens, and the value of our sovereignty.

I understand that a large portion of the Catholic Church is Hispanic, which is why they have a vested interest in this issue, but the church cannot allow pressure from their members to force them to advocate amnesty for lawbreakers. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and mercy should only be applied to those who deserve it.

It is not merciful to allow lawbreakers to go free. It is not merciful to allow illegal immigrants to suck up the resources that should be set aside for American citizens. It is not merciful to allow illegal immigrants access to a country which legal immigrants waited years to be a part of. This is a tactic of the left to advance their demographic altering agenda. It’s unfortunate that the Catholic Church has been so easily fooled by the left.