Third Of Texas Abortion Clinics To Close Due To Court Upholding New State Law

Reports of women dying or nearly dying from botched abortion procedures have been surfacing in what should be alarming numbers.  In some of those cases, the patients died because the doctor at the abortion clinic did not have admitting privileges to the nearby hospitals. A number of states have taken action to better protect women from suffering the same fate as those who died from lack of hospital intervention by passing laws requiring doctors at abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges.  Read more […]

Liberalism Is A House Without Walls

Wendell Willkie said: “It is from weakness that people reach for dictators and concentrated government power. Only the strong can be free. And only the productive can be strong.” The federal government is like a house; it is built upon a foundation, and stands as a single entity. But within the house are many rooms, each serving a different purpose. Liberalism says that to make a nation, we must eliminate the walls from between each room, making the house into a single, undivided whole. But without Read more […]

DOD Training Manual Calls Founding Fathers “Extremists”

“That these are our grievances which we have thus laid before his majesty, with that freedom of language and sentiment which becomes a free people claiming their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate.” – Thomas Jefferson We are a nation that values freedom; I think that is safe to say. We are a nation that values liberty; I think that is also safe to say. We are a nation that fought to pull ourselves out from under the thumb of a tyrannical government. Read more […]

Supreme Court Tells Arizona To Ask Obama’s Permission

The States of Texas can require “proof of citizenship” to apply for or renew your drivers license, but Arizona cannot ask for “proof of citizenship” to register to vote. Yes, I know it sounds as confusing at it is maddening. What else would you expect from this mixed up bunch of lawyers running the country. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court, yesterday ruled in favor of the challengers to the Arizona’ Proposition 200 voter I.D. law and found that the state had overstepped its authority by Read more […]

Same-Sex “Marriage”: Why The GOP Is Dead

Obviously, there is a push right now that is gaining ground to get the state to say that 1. There is such a thing as “same sex marriage,” and 2. It should be legal. It is pretty fascinating how anti-sodomy laws have been repealed because the government was supposed to “stay out of our bedrooms,” and yet now the government is being given the authority to re-define marriage and alter traditional child-rearing arrangements, child custody, inheritance, and everything else. The Republican Party Read more […]

Colorado to Feds: Please Dominate Us

GOP-leaning political pundit, Mary Matalin, once remarked that my hometown seems to be on The Quest for the Unpronounceable Name. I live in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It started off in the wild West days as Ragtown, and then decided on Six Shooter Siding. Now it’s Tucumcari. Well, in a similar but much more sinister way, my neighbor state to the North, Colorado, seems to be in the midst of a Self-Imposed Quest for a Police State. Not to be outdone by Connecticut, Colorado has imposed some of the Read more […]

Montana On “Indefinite Detention”: NDAA Is Criminal

Montana is the latest of a growing number of states that is pushing back against the Federal Government on the National Defense Authorization Act. The law is now going to the state senate, but it passed the Montana State Legislator a whopping 97-1. According to the Tenth Amendment Center: “If signed into law, HB522 would make it illegal for Montana to participate in NDAA indefinite detention: ‘The state of Montana may not provide material support or participate with the implementation of Read more […]

Virginia Looks To Survive Dollar’s Death; Washington Post Does Not Scoff

We’ve seen state governments make moves like resist Obamacare, refuse Federal violations of the Second Amendment, and repudiate Federal controlled substance laws. I had hoped to see these signs of resistance to the Federal power grab and am thrilled they are taking place. But the recent news that the Virginia legislature is considering preparing to start their own currency far surpasses anything I expected of dared hope for. “This week, the proposal by the Prince William Republican sailed through Read more […]

No Drones! US City Fights Against The Machines

By itself, this resolution is only a small beginning. But we can hope and pray and lobby in our towns so that more and more cities pass their own similar resolutions against drones. US News reports: “Charlottesville, Va., has become the first city in the United States to formally pass an anti-drone resolution. The resolution, passed Monday, ‘calls on the United States Congress and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia to adopt legislation prohibiting information obtained from Read more […]

Against Norquist’s Pledge and Chambliss’ Openness to Tax Hikes

I recently wrote that “As conservatives, we should not be ideological. We should assess situations separately, judging them on their own merit….” I was speaking of our tendency to act like liberals by making big deals out of small gaffes from the President. But what I said likewise applies to conservative’s fiscal views: they should not be ideological. Conservatism does not mean taking a hardline stance. Take taxes, for instance. Conservatism does not mean taxes should be taken off the negotiating Read more […]

Liberals Want Texas to Secede, Conservatives Want Texas to Secede–Let It!

President Obama had his first press briefing today since being re-elected. Most of the questions involved the resignation of disgraced CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and the possibility of Ambassador Susan Rice taking Secretary Clinton’s position when she resigns in January. They were generally good questions with Obama giving generally bland, repetitive answers and rehashing old buzzwords like “hostage” (the rich want to hold the middle class hostage!), but one thing I would have liked to hear Read more […]

How Governments and Corporations Get High Off the Drug War

Colorado and Washington just passed ballot initiatives that make marijuana legal for recreational use. The Feds however still think it’s illegal because they believe they should be able to dictate to states what their laws should be. Individual state laws are fine as long as they are consistent with what the Federal government wants. At least that’s the impression we get. States can’t outlaw abortion without the Feds getting involved and declaring such a law unconstitutional. States can’t Read more […]