The Difference Between Tim Tebow and Michael Sam

Tim Tebow and Michael Sam both had storied college football careers and both now find themselves cut from their dream jobs in the NFL. But they have reacted to their situations a bit differently. When Tebow was cut from the Eagles in his most recent chance to become an NFL quarterback, he responded to the news with this tweet: Thanks @Eagles and Coach Kelly for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love! Romans 8:28 #Blessed Michael Sam, the first openly “gay” NFL player (hashtag Read more […]

Video Games … the New Spectator Sport?

You probably have at least one in your family. A young man (or more rarely, young woman) who plays video games all day long. Some of them even have a hope that they’ll be able to make a living off of it eventually. That dream may not be too far from a reality. Video games are quickly becoming an organized sport, as young people with no interest in traditional sports invest more time and money into playing, and even watching, video games. It used to be that the only way to make a living as Read more […]

NFL Hall of Famer Praises Paul Ryan for Fighting Poverty!

It seems that former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) has a new and very famous fan. NFL great Deion Sanders has been praising Rep. Ryan to anyone who would listen in recent days and the reasons why are heartfelt and uplifting… NFL hall of famer Deion Sanders touted the authenticity of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s efforts to fight poverty Monday, saying Ryan’s not “trick or treating.” “There’s a lot of people trick or treating in these wonderful offices, and Read more […]

Dem Rep Wins Shooting Competition, Calls for More Gun Control

Some of the most ardent advocates for gun control often turn out to be colossal hypocrites. They either own guns for their own protection, or they hire a bunch of armed bodyguards, or some combination of both. No one on the left really cares about these seemingly glaring contradictions. They justify it in their minds by saying that these are high-profile public officials who are often subjected to death threats. They should be afforded the protection that a firearm provides. I agree. But it seems Read more […]

Why Do We Love to Hate Floyd Mayweather?

Why exactly do people hate Floyd Mayweather so much? I don’t think it’s just because he’s a braggart, a jerk, and an abuser. The main problem with Floyd Mayweather is that he’s a braggart, a jerk, and an abuser who refuses to lose: It was clear throughout the fight that the crowd was against him. The only time cheers rang through the celebrity-packed Las Vegas casino auditorium was when Pacquiao landed blows. After winning, Mayweather jumped up onto the ropes and flexed his biceps for Read more […]

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Damaged Democrat Myths

While he revealed the truth against some Democrat myths, he also perpetuated a myth about Barry Goldwater. “Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” – George Orwell If you surveyed 100 average Americans, and asked them which political party supported civil rights, nine times out of ten you would be told: the Democrats. The truth is actually quite the opposite. While many Democrats did support civil rights legislation, it actually had more Republican support than Democratic support. However, Read more […]

Super Bowl Commercial Outrages Millions of Idiots

If your life is ruined by a Super Bowl commercial, you need to get a better life. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Laurence J. Peter To critically analyze one’s thoughts prior to opening up one’s mouth, and blowing out unprecedented stupidity into the world is an ability which I believe has declined precipitously over the last several decades. Sure, there has always been a balance among humans; it’s not Read more […]

Some Hidden Costs of the NFL

It seems fitting the day after the Super Bowl to talk a little bit about what the NFL actually costs us. Not for the people who buy jerseys, tickets, TV packages, and beer coozies. I’m talking about for that guy who doesn’t watch the NFL, thinks a bootleg is a vestige of Prohibition, and blushes slightly when his co-workers mention Tom Brady’s underinflated balls. That guy is still paying for the NFL. We all do. In taxes. Local governments give billions of tax dollars to the NFL, mostly Read more […]

Openly Gay Football Players: What’s Important?

“The sensitivity of men to small matters, and their indifference to great ones, indicates a strange inversion.” – Blaise Pascal Perspective is necessary if we are to remain sane in this increasingly small world in which we live. I say increasingly small because technology has brought us so much closer together than we used to be. That’s not a bad thing, nor is it a good thing. But because we have become so tightly pulled together by the strings of our wireless world, new problems have emerged Read more […]

Deflategate: An Under Inflated Story

Full disclosure: I watch football occasionally. Apparently everyone and his mother has an opinion on the latest pseudo-scandal to warrant the over-used “-gate” suffix: #deflategate. The New England Patriots apparently underinflated 11 of 12 game balls in their playoff victory against the Colts. Yesterday, I was in a restaurant talking at a very reasonable volume with my wife about under inflated balls and a woman across the way loudly asked, “What do you think about that?” She started Read more […]

Is the Tallahassee Police Department Giving FSU Players a Free Pass?

A recent blog article by Michael Bigham, a veteran ex-cop, accuses the Tallahassee Police Department of “going easy” on FSU football players, to the point of willful corruption. Citing numerous cases over the course of the last few years—including sexual assault, destruction of property, and theft—the blog author implies that charges were lessened or dropped, and that casts a shadow on all law enforcement officers: As a police veteran of over 27 years, I, along with many fine men and women Read more […]

Should Cities Buy Sports Teams Instead of Building their Stadiums?

As more and more professional sports franchises push their host cities to pay for their new stadiums – we may soon see a shift in local priorities with how they spend their money. Could this lead to cities buying teams themselves and reaping all of the benefits of owning a sports franchise?   Should cities simply take ownership of sports teams rather than bribing them to stay with stadium subsidies and tax credits? In an op-ed for Vice Sports on Monday, Neil Demause argues that Read more […]