Melissa Harris-Perry: Is Everything about Race?

It wasn’t that long ago that ex-reporter Vester Lee Flanagan went off his rocker and killed a couple former co-workers, probably out of revenge because he got fired, and his white “racist” co-workers got to keep their jobs. He was one of these types that read into every little thing people said. If someone mentioned working “in the field,” Flanagan knew it was a racial slur referring to slaves working in the cotton fields. If Flanagan were still alive and had his way, he’d probably Read more […]

Liberal says Calling someone a “Hard Worker” is Racist!

Over on MSNBC we learned something interesting from liberal activist and host Melissa Harris-Perry during a discussion about the idea of Paul Ryan becoming the next Speaker of the House. When her guest Alfonso Aguilar mentioned that Paul Ryan was a “hard worker,” Harris-Perry told him top be careful because calling someone a hard worker is totes racist! “I just want to pause on one thing because I don’t disagree with you that I actually think Mr. Ryan is a great choice for this role, but I Read more […]

UNC Students Want the School to Remove a Memorial to the Confederacy

Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are calling on the school to tear down a statue honoring students that died in the Civil War. On Monday during University Day celebrations that commemorate the founding of UNC about two dozen students rose from their seats and disrupted proceedings, decrying the presence of “Silent Sam,” a statue that honors 321 UNC students killed in the Civil War. The statue is so named because it carries a gun but no bullets. “Tear it down, Read more […]

Yoga Class for People of Color “Respectfully Asks Whites Not to Attend”

A Washington State yoga class group sent out an email advertising a special yoga class for people of color. Apparently, it was organized by five black homosexuals for the purpose of providing a space where other “people of color” who also identify as “lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and trans-friendly/affirming” – or some combination of the above – could feel comfortable. This way, people who identify the same way and who look similar to each other can share a yoga class and not be bothered Read more […]

School Official Gets in Trouble for Advocating White Genocide

A student diversity coordinator at a British university could face jail time over her calls for the extermination of all white men. Bahar Mustafa, a diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London, first attracted international attention last spring when she barred white men from an event on “diversifying” the curriculum, and defended herself by claiming that minority women like herself cannot be racist or sexist. (RELATED: University Diversity Officer Says Minority Women Can’t Be Read more […]

Lib Professor: Ben Carson Deserves “Coon of the Year Award”

Can you even imagine what kind of response a professor would have gotten for saying something like this about Obama? Republicans don’t even have to say anything offensive like this in order to be mistreated. The media take their quotes out of context all the time, and conservatives get skewered all because their critics distort what they actually said. Liberals can be as blatantly nasty and racist all they want, and they’re allowed to be. The media pretend not to notice. This, from Breitbart: Dr. Read more […]

Black Student Tells White Teacher: “When I Get Done Ramming You, I’m Gonna Bag Your Daughter”; Teacher Facing Disciplinary Charges

First of all, no, this wasn’t considered a hate crime. In order for this to have been a hate crime, the student had to have been white, and the teacher non-white. The teacher Lynne Albuquerque, who happens to be white, works at a Long Island school with mostly black students, faculty and administration. When a student threatened Albuquerque, saying, “When I get done ramming you, I’m gonna bag your daughter, then ram the b*tch through the whole gang,” the teacher went to the administration, Read more […]

Hate Crime: Students Outraged by Paper Lantern “Nooses” in Trees

Students at the University of Delaware noticed things hanging from some trees on campus that looked vaguely like nooses. Immediately, the sightings were assumed to be some sort of student prank and deemed a “hate crime.” Upon investigation, the police found that they were nothing more than remnants of lanterns that had been used back in June at a school event. The lantern parts were taken down, leaving the wires and strings in the shape of a noose. They didn’t actually look like nooses, Read more […]

White Teacher Suspended for Using Racial Slur in Example about Racism and Derogatory Terms

The Associated Press is reporting that a white high school teacher has been suspended for using a racial slur as an example during an explanation about racism and derogatory terms. This is almost as bad as the time a Spanish teacher got fired for saying what the word for black is in Spanish. There is probably more to the story than what’s in that article, but this case in Newport News, Virginia is along similar lines. Here’s the AP:  A Newport News, Virginia, high school teacher has been placed Read more […]

Black Student Union Outraged by “White Only” and “Black Only” Signs on Campus

University of Buffalo Students were outraged, perturbed, baffled and traumatized by signs posted outside campus restrooms and near water fountains, reminiscent of 1950’s era Jim Crow laws. Some were so angered they thought the posting of these racist “White Only” and “Black Only” signs constituted an “act of terrorism.” At a Black Student Union meeting to discuss this act of terrorism that was obviously committed by some angry, white domestic terrorist, one member stood up and announced that Read more […]

Students Angered by “Racist” White Student Union

If it were any other group, no one would have thought anything about it. You can have the Chinese Students Union or the Black Students Union, but you can’t have a White Students Union. That’s exclusionary and racist. You can have the Gay Students Union or the Transgender Students Union, but if anyone dare organize a Straight Students Union, he’d be called homophobic. Some Canadian students are in an uproar over posters advertising for the White Students Union. The Daily Caller reported: Flyers Read more […]

In Ferguson, Missouri – Dr. Ben Carson says We Must All Learn to Respect Each Other

In a performance that can only be described as “vintage” Ben Carson, the only African-American Presidential candidate spoke out on issues of race, justice and law enforcement from Ferguson, Missouri this past weekend. Dr. Carson visited Ferguson while campaigning and made a point to speak directly to the racial animosity that comes to mind when Americans discuss the events that happened there last year. “I heard more than one time how the thing that really inflamed the community was the fact that Read more […]