Psychiatrist Says we Should Look at Planned Parenthood Shooting in the Context of the “War on Women”

Why should we look at this incident where a man shot and killed three people in the context of the “war on women?” Simply because the shooter according to a witness allegedly said something about “no more baby parts?” Even if he had said something about baby parts, how would that have anything to do with hating women? He doesn’t want unborn babies butchered and sold for parts. If that is what he believed, then that wasn’t problem. Millions of people, including myself, believe the same Read more […]

It’s Time for Liberal Nonsense Roundup!

It’s time for Nonsense Roundup! This is a weekly (maybe) column in which I round up some of the most inane and insane liberal/PC nonsense going on at the moment, and brutally disparage it. A wise man once said that the only way to respond to ridiculousness is with even more ridiculousness–and I’m going to follow that lead. Item #1: Feminism! Zoe Stavri, a blogger who describes herself as “Anarchist. Feminist. Queer.” and tweets under the name “Another Angry Woman,” made headlines this week Read more […]

Discrimination? Female Police Officers Sue Department, Because They Couldn’t Pass Fitness Test

They say they want equality, but when they’re treated as everyone else is, they get offended. So offended that when they couldn’t pass the fitness test, they actually thought the department was out to get them. They were obviously trying to get rid of the older female officers. At least that’s what the officers and their attorney believe. Twenty five out of over 600 officers in the Colorado Springs Police Department didn’t quite pass muster in their physical fitness test, which required Read more […]

VICTORY: FDNY Passes Female Candidate Who Failed Rudimentary Strength Tests!

Thrilling news coming out of New York. According to the New York Post, a female FDNY candidate who failed to pass the most rudimentary physical tests demanded by department training has been added to the ranks of the FDNY. The New York Post reports what insiders have told them: “Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, 39, never achieved a passing score of 17 minutes and 50 seconds on the Functional Skills Test, a course of job-related tasks in full gear such as stretching hoses and dragging dummies, according Read more […]

Homosexuals and Feminists Actually Despise Women

Homosexuals like to buddy up with feminists, and both groups claim to be fighting for the equality of women and minorities and equal rights for oppressed and marginalized groups. Is that what they are actually accomplishing? No. They are both fighting for the same thing, but it’s not what they claim. Both groups are actually wittingly and unwittingly dedicated to the devaluation of womanhood. Let’s consider the history of cultural homosexuality. By “cultural homosexuality,” I’m not talking Read more […]

All-Women’s Wellesley College Rejects Transgender Diversity Officer Because She’s a “White Man” Now

Whelp. This is where we are as a society now. This story out of Wellesley College—you know, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater—just about wraps it up for me. I can hardly wrap my head around it, but here it is: Timothy Boatwright was born a girl, and checked off the “female” box when applying to the Massachusetts all-women’s school [Wellesley College], according to an article in the New York Times. But when he got there, he introduced himself as a “masculine-of-center genderqueer” person Read more […]

Wasserman-Schultz Afraid to Say Whether Her Kids Were Human Beings Before They Were Born

Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz must have gone to the same class on how to deflect personhood/abortion questions from the media. Both responded pretty much exactly the same way when pressed about whether or not her own unborn children are human beings. Their answer is to change the subject. Pelosi accused her questioner of pushing an “ideology” over an issue that “has no place in public policy.” Wasserman-Schultz felt safe just repeating this mantra in response: “I believe Read more […]

National Organization for Women: Abortion Prevents Heartbreak of Infant Mortality

National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill said that contraception and abortion prevents the heartbreak of infant mortality. Does that mean if you don’t want to experience the heartbreak of a loved one growing old and dying of natural causes, it would be okay to kill that person? CNS News reported: “We have a premature birth crisis in this country that can be directly linked to our failure to provide adequate contraception and abortion care,” said O’Neill in a commentary Read more […]

University Language Guide: Don’t Say “Man”; Say “Person” or “Individual”

People are so easily offended these days by anything that hints of masculinity. Universities want to change our language by taking out gender-specific nouns and pronouns and other words with “man” in them. They say that the fact that we have so many male-specific words is a testament to our previously male-dominated society. Now that we have a more gender-equal society, we need to remove instances of gender specificity. As a language guide at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill stated: “English Read more […]

House Votes to Freeze Planned Parenthood Funding for a Year

In what will probably amount to nothing more than a political statement, the House of Representatives voted to freeze federal funding to Planned Parenthood: In a 241-187 vote, nearly all Republicans and two Democrats approved legislation that would block Planned Parenthood’s federal funding for one year, giving time for Congress to fully investigate claims of wrongdoing by the provider. Lawmakers also passed a bill tightening restrictions on abortion doctors who violate infant protections in Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Losing Support Among Democrat Women

Hillary Clinton seems like the natural Democrat choice for women in the Democrat party, but a recent poll indicates that her support there is waning sharply: Hillary Rodham Clinton is suffering rapid erosion of support among Democratic women — the voters long presumed to be her bedrock in her bid to become the nation’s first female president. The numbers in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll are an alarm siren: Where 71 percent of Democratic-leaning female voters said in July that they Read more […]

How Modern Feminism Has Become One Giant Skank-Off With Men

“Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.” – Susan B. Anthony The VMAs were held a couple weeks ago, and watching the endless display of overly-sexualized women got me thinking about what real feminism is versus what it’s been contorted into. Feminism, the kind advocated by Susan B. Anthony, was purposeful and legitimate. Susan B. Anthony not only sought for the abolition of slavery from the time she was a teenager, she worked tirelessly for the rights of women. Read more […]