Establishment Hack John Kasich Attacks Ted Cruz with Straw Man; is Promptly Destroyed

For the first time this cycle, Republicans had a substantive debate. The Fox Business debate was chocked full of hard hitting but fair questions, and the candidates were able to show their policy chops–or lack thereof There were numerous moments in the debate that highlighted the difference between the establishment candidates and the real conservatives, however, it was the exchange between Ted Cruz and John Kasich that truly defined that difference Ted Cruz was asked a question about Wall Read more […]

Operation Choke Point Illegally Restricts 2nd Amendment

Obama recently unveiled Operation Choke Point, an executive cocktail intended to force banks and payment processors to divine what their customers are using their services to procure—and prohibit such sales/transactions if they fall under a wide range of “high-risk” goods of services. Well, prohibit is the wrong word. Operation Choke Point isn’t a law. It’s a policy of enforcement. So a bank or payment processor is allowed to have whatever customers it wants, but the DOJ might sue/raid/charge Read more […]

Why is the Middle Class Evaporating?

If you listen to leftists and big-government stooges, the middle class is evaporating because of low minimum wage, greedy corporations, and tax-breaks for the rich. Which would indicate that, in order to grow the middle class, the civil government needs to get more involved. No one argues with the fact that the middle class drives economic growth, and is therefore a crucial component of economic recovery, but what is the real problem here? I think it can be boiled down to a few things: Crony Read more […]

Don’t Raise Minimum Wage, Just Fix the Currency

With all the talk about minimum wage, most people miss the real culprit for the rising cost of living: inflation. Does it really matter if you make $20 an hour, if every dollar you earn is worth ten cents? Of course not. Recently, some minimum wage workers in Philadelphia learned about the Federal Reserve. They apparently had never thought about what is actually making it hard for them to make ends meet. They talked about corporate bank accounts and a lack of “trickle down,” as if somehow Read more […]

Secretary of Treasury: Our Monetary System Is A Ponzi Scheme

Jack Lew is the Secretary of the Treasury. He took over after the tax cheat Tim Geithner left. Secretary Lew is campaigning for an increased debt ceiling, along with the establishment Republicans, Democrats and pundits in the media. To them, the issue is a no-brainer. They have to frame it as if it’s obvious what we have to do. Of course we have to lift the debt ceiling. Otherwise, how are we going to pay our debts? If the tea partiers got their way, we’d default. “And that’s just what Read more […]

The Federal Reserve Shows They Know The Obama Economy Is Dead

The big news yesterday was that the Federal Reserve was not going to “taper” their 85 billion dollars worth of bond purchases every month. The “money printing” will continue. The “Quantitative Easing” program that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cooked up was supposed to be a way to “get the economy going.” Once the economy was moving again, then, Bernanke told us, the QE could be ended—ended incrementally or “tapered.” But creating new money doesn’t actually create Read more […]

McCain: Hillary Clinton v. Rand Paul Would Be “Tough Choice” In 2016

Just exactly what is the Republican Party supposed to stand for if Hillary Clinton looks attractive to any former GOP Presidential candidate in a race against another Republican? Yet McCain said, “It’s gonna be a tough choice.” The writer of the report for suggested McCain wasn’t really being serious because he laughed when he said it. But I’m not so sure. In that same interview he said words about Hillary as Secretary of State that I’m sure she’ll be happy to use in Read more […]

Idiot Economics “Research” Claims McDonald’s Can Double Salaries If It Wants To

The latest brilliance claims that McDonald’s could double all wages if they only add about 17 cents to every dollar they charge in price. Thus, a Big Mac would only go up 68 cents. The report keeps it vague, but the blond girl on the Huffington Post video is helpfully clear. You can only double the wages if you raise the prices and keep everything else constant. It has already been tried. It doesn’t stay constant. To her credit she suggests the problem with the idea in response to the Read more […]

Shameless: G. W. Bush Claims Snowden Hurt The Country

Instead of listing all the things that Edward Snowden has done, let’s try to list some things he hasn’t done. Edward Snowden never shoved interest rates into the floor and picked a replacement Federal Reserve Chairman who pretending there was no housing bubble. Snowden never took the nation into the worst recession in history. Edward Snowden never presided over the greatest national security failure in history. He didn’t promote the people with direct oversight into the greatest security Read more […]

Are We About To See The Next Stage Of Our Financial Crisis Through Pensions?

New rules are likely about to precipitate another financial crisis. The point of origin is pensions. Part of the problem is that these pensions were far too luxurious.  According to Fox Business News, for example, “…cushy pension stories continue to pour out of California. One retiree in the County of Solano pulls in nearly $371,000 a year in retiree pay. Nearly 12,200 government retirees get $100,000 a year, including 94 city retirees in Stockton. A retired librarian in San Diego somehow gets Read more […]

New York Times Admits Bank Lobbyists Write Laws For Banks

We all knew this was going on, I hope, but it is nice to see a story in the New York Times actually admit to it: “Bank lobbyists are not leaving it to lawmakers to draft legislation that softens financial regulations. Instead, the lobbyists are helping to write it themselves. One bill that sailed through the House Financial Services Committee this month — over the objections of the Treasury Department — was essentially Citigroup’s, according to e-mails reviewed by The New York Times. The Read more […]

The Political System Supports Predatory Lenders

After going through the economic crisis it amazes me that we still have a “payday loan” industry in this country. But we do. This was not a natural development of the market. Historically, it has never been a good idea to loan money to poor people. You would loan to people who have some resource they can put up as collateral. Then, if they can’t pay the loan, you take the collateral. That ends the debt obligation. But the modern state, rather than being primarily an institution for protection Read more […]