Who Exactly is Against Marijuana Legalization, and Why?

Consider this: the Supreme Court tipped the national scales on same-sex marriage after it had been legalized in thirty-seven states. Marijuana has some status of legality in over half the country (according to Pew Research), with new laws budding every day. Will the Supreme Court follow a similar route of judicial legalization with marijuana? Possibly. But it’s important to realize a crucial difference between marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage. Whereas there were very powerful lobbies Read more […]

Shock Poll – 87% of Floridians want to Legalize Marijuana!

The overwhelming majority of Floridians favor legalizing medical marijuana and while just over half are in favor making marijuana legal. The Quinnipiac poll showed 87 percent of Floridians supported making marijuana legal for medical purposes if it was prescribed by a doctor. A little over half supported introducing a legal regime to tax and regulate recreational marijuana. Though the majority of people in the Sunshine State took a libertarian view on marijuana legalization, just 7 percent Read more […]

Culture Shift? Teenagers Most Anti-Marijuana Group in America

Support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high and cannabis laws across the country are being relaxed, but one part of the population is becoming increasingly judgmental about the nation’s permissive attitude to pot. Stereotypically, it’s the elderly who are at the forefront of finger wagging at pot smokers and are loudly voicing their opposition to ending cannabis prohibition. On the other hand, the allegedly open-minded young are thought to be more willing to embrace an experimental Read more […]

Why Alcohol is Legal Federally and Marijuana is Not

During the second Republican playground shouting match debate, Carly Fiorina had some words to say about alcohol and marijuana: We are misleading young people when we tell them that marijuana is just like having a beer. It’s not. Fiorina is exactly right, one way or the other. Let’s investigate further to determine why marijuana and alcohol are treated differently by the law. We’ll compare marijuana and alcohol in terms of danger to self and danger to others. In terms of danger to self, Read more […]

Do Republican Voters Want to Decriminalize Marijuana?

A recent poll posted in Marijuana Majority indicates that a large number of Republicans think the Federal government should honor state marijuana laws: According to the poll, Republican voters believe the next president should do more to respect state marijuana laws without interfering. An even higher percentage of Democrats and independents expressed the same opinion, according to the poll. Overall, 71 percent of voters in Iowa and 73 percent of New Hampshire voters believe the federal government Read more […]

New Study says Teen Marijuana Use Not Connected to Mental Health Problems

Chronic marijuana use as an adolescent has no link to mental or physical health problems later in life, according to a new study conducted over the past 20 years. Published by the American Physiological Association, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Rutgers University divided participants into four groups from their teenage years onward. One group almost never smoked marijuana, one used it mostly in their teenage years, another started using in adulthood and Read more […]

New Vaccine Law Forces California Parents to Vaccinate Children

This country is all about equality, freedom, liberty to do as you please. Unless you are not party to the ruling elite’s agenda or ideology. Then you have no rights at all. That’s the message parents keep getting about vaccinations, especially in light of a new law in California that basically forces parents to vaccinate: Gov. Jerry Brown wasted no time Tuesday in signing a contentious California bill [SB277] to impose one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the country following an Read more […]

Suboxone and the House of Murder Big Pharma Built

It turns out that Dylann Storm Roof, aside from having parents whose naming privileges should have been revoked, was on suboxone or had recently come off it when he killed nine people in Charleston. This isn’t the first time a serial killer has been on “legal” psychotropic drugs manufactured and marketed by Big Pharma. In fact, one of the only common ties between almost all serial killers is Big Pharma: According to a data set of U.S. mass shootings from 1982-2012 prepared by Mother Jones Read more […]

Colorado Supreme Court: Employees Can Be Fired for “Legal” Off-Duty Marijuana Use

Even though marijuana is technically legal in Colorado, the Colorado Supreme Court just ruled that employees can still be fired for using it: The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday affirmed lower courts’ rulings that businesses can fire employees for the use of medical marijuana — even if it’s off-duty. The 6-0 decision comes nine months after the state’s highest court heard oral arguments in Brandon Coats’ case against Dish Network. Coats, who had a medical marijuana card and consumed Read more […]

Cops Raid California Pot Shop, Help Themselves to Pot Edibles

Setting up hidden cameras is a great preparation for when cops raid your business. This is why it’s always smart for businesses to not only have surveillance cameras in plain sight, but also to have hidden cameras. After police had barged in this establishment in California with guns drawn, ordering everyone to the floor and then carting people out, they removed the surveillance cameras. What they didn’t realize was that there were hidden cameras as well that recorded everything they did. Read more […]

Philadelphia Decriminalized Marijuana, and the City Saved $1 Million as a Result

The city of brotherly love decided to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, and what they’ve found is that in the first three months of this year, the city saved an estimated $1 million. It was able to save so much money in so little time, because it redirected police work away from those with possession of weed to those suspected of actual crimes. Every arrest costs the city money. With relatively few people getting arrested for marijuana possession in the city, that means the jails won’t Read more […]

Um. ISIS is Buying Pot from People They’d Like to Kill

If this doesn’t tell you how convoluted the world is or how the free market really does bring people together and bring equality to men… I don’t know what will. In an incredible story from the Middle East we learn that ISIS fighters (who are radical Sunni Muslims and pretty much hate anyone who isn’t) are buying marijuana from Shia Lebanese farmers who’d they probably be killing if they had the chance. Incredible. Bitter hatred and animosity isn’t stopping Shiite Lebanese farmer from Read more […]