The Way the Police Treated This 84-Year-Old Navy Vet Left Him in Tears

When I first read the news story’s headline, I was sure it had to do with how a cop mistreated an elderly man. Unfortunately, there are too many of those stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had not mistreated him at all. They had surprised the man with a new motorized wheelchair donated by after the man’s other one was stolen while he was shopping. Here’s The Blaze: Navy veteran Roy Feragen was devastated last week when his primary mode of transportation, Read more […]

Benjy the ‘Gay’ Irish Bull Saved From the Slaughterhouse

An apparently infertile Irish bull named Benjy didn’t impregnate any of the cows offered him, so he was set to go to the slaughterhouse (being largely useless for any other purpose). A veterinarian brought in to diagnose the situation said that Benjy was actually fertile, so that wasn’t the trouble. The problem became apparent when Benjy was more attracted to his replacement bull than he was to any of the cows. The problem was homosexuality. But homosexuality is not allowed to be a problem, Read more […]