Not a Hate Crime: 3 Black Women Beat White Homeless Man to Death

I’m actually not in favor of classifying anything as a “hate crime.” Obviously, what these three women did was done out of hateful revenge. Most criminals have a hateful and angry heart. That’s why they commit atrocious acts. Calling something a “hate crime” is redundant. In modern usage, a hate crime is more specific than just a crime committed out of hatred. A hate crime is specifically a crime where the attacker is a person of “privilege,” such as a white person, a straight Read more […]

Global Warming Crusader Steals from the Sheeple and the People

A global warming crusader used a tax-exempt nonprofit to stuff his families’ pockets at the expense of taxpayers, according to a complaint filed with the Internal Revenue Service by two watchdog groups Tuesday. The Competitive Enterprise Institute and Cause of Action filed a complaint asking the IRS to revoke the exempt status of the Institute of Global Environment and Society Inc. – a global warming advocate that has received over $60 million in federal grants. The nonprofit’s founder Read more […]

U.S. in Gun Rights Trend Since Sandy Hook

This has to be hard for the gun-grabbers to accept. They were sure they could use the media to over-sensationalize mass shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook to push for more gun control. I’m sure they thought it would be easy. Immediately following Sandy Hook, polls showed that Americans were ready for more stringent gun laws, but that sentiment didn’t last long. It never does. It quickly dissipated, and then Congress and the Senate couldn’t even get the most basic gun control laws passed. Read more […]

Armed Robber Learns the Hard Way Not to Use Toy Gun in Texas

Around two o’clock in the morning, a group of four bar employees in Houston, Texas were leaving work to go home when a white car with three men inside approached them. Two of them had guns drawn and demanded the employees’ money. One woman handed over her purse, but another worker grabbed his own gun and started shooting. He shot one of the armed men several times, putting him in critical condition in the hospital. The other armed man and third suspect got away in the waiting car amidst the shooting. Read more […]

Guess What’s Happening to These Stores’ Guns Sales Following San Bernardino Shooting

Turner’s Outdoorsman is a gun store/range just a couple miles away from where the San Bernardino shooting happened recently that left 14 dead and 21 injured. They’ve seen a surge in gun sales immediately following the tragic incident. Politicians and media used the event to push for more gun control. But people haven’t completely swallowed all the propaganda. They’re fearful, but they’re not looking to the government for protection. They know when seconds count, the police are minutes Read more […]

San Bernardino Shooters Got Illegal Guns After Breaking Immigration Laws and Lying to Immigration Officials

San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook’s ability to bring a Pakistani wife to the country through an online relationship exposes loopholes in the U.S. immigration system terrorist organizations can capitalize on. Farook and Tashfeen Malik met on a dating website and maintained an online relationship prior to Malik coming to the U.S. in July, 2014. Malik, a Pakistani citizen, entered the country on a K-1 visa, commonly known as a fiance visa. Numbers from the U.S. Department of State Read more […]

Crazy Man Learns the Hard Way not to Bring a Stick to a Gunfight

A 62-year-old man from Austin, Texas named Jordan Lowe was apparently visiting a friend in New Orleans when he decided to try to break into people’s parked cars. He opened the door to one where a woman was in the driver’s seat. As soon as he tried to get in, she put it in reverse, and Lowe fell out of the car. Lowe found another car to break into. This time, he had a large stick and started beating the car owner. The owner ran to his house while the crazy man followed him with the stick. The Read more […]

Barbara Boxer: California is Living Proof that Gun Control Works

In case you’re wondering if it’s the same California that contains San Bernardino that saw a mass shooting that killed 14 people and injured nearly as many, you’d be correct. These politicians really need to think before they speak. The Blaze reported: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) stunned many Thursday when she expressed support for gun control legislation by pointing to the supposed success of such laws in California. “Sensible gun laws work,” Boxer told reporters. “We’ve proven Read more […]

Report: Mass Shootings on the Rise…but Only in Gun-Free Zones

The Washington Post is reporting something that isn’t all that surprising. Mass shootings in general are declining, except for those that happen in gun-free zones. Breitbart reported: According to WaPo, “In 1993, there were seven homicides by firearm for every 100,000 Americans. … By 2013, that figure had fallen by nearly half, to 3.6 [per 100,000].” Breitbart News previously pointed to this decline and explained it correlated with a massive increase in privately owned firearms over the Read more […]

There Are No Half Measures That Can Fix Gun Violence

The main problem with all of the proposed fixes for gun violence in the US is that only extreme measures will make any difference, and extreme measures aren’t going to fly in centrist central DC. Let’s look at the polar extreme fixes that might work: 1) Absolute totalitarianism Now hold on before you get all bent out of shape. Nazi Germany did a very good job of creating a basically stable low-crime society largely free of unplanned gun violence. Sure, everyone and everything was documented, Read more […]

Media Try to Link San Bernardino Shooting to Planned Parenthood

Before anyone knew anything about the shooting in San Bernardino, the media were quick to point out that it took place near a Planned Parenthood clinic. What in the world does Planned Parenthood have to do with this shooting? They may as well have said that it took place near First Presbyterian Church. They were trying to imply that this shooting was somehow connected to the one in Colorado, which happened to take place in a Planned Parenthood facility. This incident took place in relatively close Read more […]

Obama: Mass Shootings “Just Don’t Happen in Other Countries”

To top off the irony, Obama was in Paris when he made these comments about mass shootings. He was talking in the context of the three who were shot and killed at a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado. According to him, mass shootings like the one in Colorado “just don’t happen in other countries.” In response to a question about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, President Obama went back to a familiar talking point, claiming mass shootings are unique to America. “I say this Read more […]