What They Call Capitalism Isn’t Capitalism At All

When most leftists and liberals decry the current American system, they talk about income inequality, corporate welfare, big business lobbying, and the like. They tend to call these things “the evils of capitalism” or something similar. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that leftists and liberals are wrong to call these things capitalism. The bad news is that leftists and liberals are right to call these things wrong. America has become corporatist rather than capitalist. Read more […]

Study: Religious People Less Likely To Commit Crime

You might tell an atheist something to the effect of, “If there is no God, then all things are permissible.” He might retort, “No, if there is a God, then all things are permissible.” Then, he’d go on to cite all the atrocities done in the name of Allah. Or, he’ll pretend to know something about the Crusades. Here’s a UK study that will surely outrage those atheists. They wanted to see if there was a correlation between religion and crime. Here’s the Daily Mail: A survey from Read more […]

JP Morgan Getting Rich From Food Stamps

When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, 31.9 million Americans were receiving food stamps.  Currently, there are 47.7 million Americans receiving food stamps.  That’s an increase of 15.8 million people, 49.5% in less than 5 years.  It is the largest increase for any president in US history. In comparison, the average monthly increase in the number of people receiving food stamps under President Bush was 304,000 per month.  Under Obama, the monthly average reached a peak of over 475,000 Read more […]

Rand Paul: Vote On Audit the Fed Bill Or I’ll Hold Up Janet Yellen’s Confirmation

All he’s wanting is a vote on the Audit the Fed bill that passed the House last year, but has stalled in the Senate for the past 3 years. He’s using Yellen’s confirmation hearing as an opportunity and a chance for the American people to see what the Fed has been up to. Obama should be perfectly fine with an audit of the Fed, since he’s all about transparency. If the Fed hasn’t done anything wrong, they should have nothing to hide, right? Isn’t that what we hear from government types Read more […]

The Debt Ceiling Hysteria Shows How Wall $treet Is Bleeding The Country Dry

Every day we hear about how awful it will be if the debt ceiling isn’t raised because the United States will then default on its treasury obligations. When it is pointed out that we don’t need to miss any debt payments—that if making the payments is so dire we should prioritize them over arming Syrians or using drones to kill people in Nowherethatmatterstoanyamericanstan.  But we are told that, despite the fact that defaulting will cause the planet to explode, for some vague reason prioritizing Read more […]

CEO Of Bailed-Out AIG Compared Criticism Of Bonuses To Lynching Blacks

We all remember the TARP bailout of a bunch of Wall Street firms that should have been liquidated and put out of our misery. It finished forever my ability to say anything good about President George W. Bush. The program was robbery of the American people and was implemented in a banana republic manner, forcing people to accept government ownership even when they didn’t want it. American Insurance Group (AIG) got almost seventy billion dollars. Yet the same people who had made fraudulent insurance Read more […]

Pope Attacks “Money Idol” With Vague Platitudes

Since I haven’t seen a translated transcript yet, I can’t be sure of what the Pope really said. But I can respond to how the Pope’s words are being selectively quoted and portrayed in the media. In the Guardian, for example: “Pope Francis has called for a global economic system that puts people and not ‘an idol called money’ at its heart, drawing on the hardship of his immigrant family as he sympathised with unemployed workers in a part of Italy that has suffered greatly from the recession.” What Read more […]

Obamacare Redux: Obama Administration Talked Dodd Frank But Isn’t Enforcing It

I’m so old I can remember Obama making a big deal of Dodd-Frank as a difference between himself and Mitt Romney when they were running against each other in 2012. Of course, Romney wasn’t ready to point out how the law was a piece of corruption that didn’t even mention the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac—which was not surprising given Chris Dodd’s special relationship with Fannie Mae. Still, the law was passed and Obama boasted about it. He made hay that Mitt Romney wanted to repeal Read more […]

McCain: Hillary Clinton v. Rand Paul Would Be “Tough Choice” In 2016

Just exactly what is the Republican Party supposed to stand for if Hillary Clinton looks attractive to any former GOP Presidential candidate in a race against another Republican? Yet McCain said, “It’s gonna be a tough choice.” The writer of the report for Townhall.com suggested McCain wasn’t really being serious because he laughed when he said it. But I’m not so sure. In that same interview he said words about Hillary as Secretary of State that I’m sure she’ll be happy to use in Read more […]

Obamacare & Detroit: Ground Zero For Financial Sinkhole?

The Obama Administration has said the Federal Government isn’t going to bail out bankrupt Detroit. But thanks to Obamacare, they may already be committed to doing so. “The New York Times reported Monday that the city is proposing a plan aimed at reducing its $5.7 billion in outstanding retiree health costs. In short, they want to take those retirees too young to qualify for Medicare and send them into the ObamaCare insurance markets – which are scheduled to launch next year. Doing so would Read more […]

McDonald’s Financial Advice Mocked For Wrong Reasons

McDonald’s has a new website: “Practical Money Skills For Life.” The entire economically-illiterate, envy-driven legion is out with pitchforks attacking McDonald’s for this website because of how poor people have to live. But it is the fault of no one at McDonald’s that poverty stinks or that the chain can’t afford to pay workers more. McDonald’s is our slave—we the consumers. Until we say we are willing to pay about $15 for a Big Mac, workers aren’t going to get a higher wage. Read more […]

Are We About To See The Next Stage Of Our Financial Crisis Through Pensions?

New rules are likely about to precipitate another financial crisis. The point of origin is pensions. Part of the problem is that these pensions were far too luxurious.  According to Fox Business News, for example, “…cushy pension stories continue to pour out of California. One retiree in the County of Solano pulls in nearly $371,000 a year in retiree pay. Nearly 12,200 government retirees get $100,000 a year, including 94 city retirees in Stockton. A retired librarian in San Diego somehow gets Read more […]