Britain’s Beautiful Memorial to their WWI Dead

This year Great Britain is commemorating 100 years since the Great War, WWI. To do so they’ve called on one their most creative minds… and boy, did he knock it out of the park. Artist Paul Cummins was commissioned to create a work reminding the nation of Britain (and her former colonies) of the men who died in service to their cause during WWI. Altogether the British Empire lost almost 1million soldiers to what is remembered as one of the most gruesome and destructive wars ever fought by men. Read more […]

Miley Cyrus as Rep. Bachmann vs. Rep. Pelosi as Miley Cyrus

Liberals were all kinds of offended when posted a bunch of images of Breitbart-related street art, one of which had Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s cackling head pasted over Miley Cyrus’s twerking body. I don’t understand the point of the images in the first place as there is no context provided for them. One shows California Governor Jerry Brown’s head pasted on a weightlifter’s (probably Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) body. Is that supposed to be offensive to Gov. Brown? Another shows Facebook Read more […]

Art Exhibit Celebrates Abortion as “Life-Sustaining Act”; Another Mother and Child Die in Botched Abortion

Pro-abortion activists always get on to pro-lifers for appealing to an ancient, outdated text written by “illiterate goat-herders.” Pro-abortionists want pro-lifers to catch up to our “modern” society where murder is looked upon as a compassionate act. But at the same time, they celebrate the 4,000-year history of abortion and contraception. So, on one hand, they mock and ridicule the Bible for being so old and “outdated,” but on the other hand, they celebrate abortion by showcasing Read more […]

LA County Supervisors Defy ACLU Adding Historic Cross to County Seal

Have you ever known someone who is so fanatic about something that they lose all sense of reason and common sense when it comes to the target of the fanaticism? If not, meet Peter Eliasberg, an attorney who serves as the Legal Director of the ACLU of Southern California.  According to his bio on the ACLU website: “During his tenure Peter has worked on cases involving the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, disability discrimination, and educational equity, among others. He represented Frank Read more […]

Epic Bible Films Making a Comeback

Hollywood will be releasing a series of epic Bible films coming up in the next few years, beginning with Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Other scheduled films are Son of God, Mary Mother of Christ (from the makers of The Passion of the Christ), Ridley Scott’s Exodus, and a few others in the works. Some of us who grew up watching Ben Hur  and The Ten Commandments might be getting pretty excited about what looks to be a seismic shift in Hollywood. But what’s really going on here? Has Hollywood Read more […]

Leftist “Art”: Vaginally Knit Scarves And Lynching Whites

The western world used to be a bastion of great art created by brilliant minds. The European people were unrivaled in sculpture, painting, and architecture, just as they were unrivaled in other aspects of culture. While Africans could only create homes out of mud and sticks, Michelangelo was painting heavenly ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose architecture also spawned from the mind of Europeans. The colleges in the Soviet Union used to ban elegant, realistic paintings and instead favored Read more […]