Biden Mocked Romney in 2012 for What Obama Does in 2014

We just began bombing Syria on Monday. We’ve come to loggerheads with Putin’s Russia. We’re back in Iraq (though “no boots on the ground” still holds some dubious sway in Obama’s Middle East foreign policy). And it doesn’t seem like we ever really left Afghanistan, despite all the rhetoric about it. And yet, in the 2012 presidential election, these very possibilities and policies were being touted by Romney and being mocked by Joe Biden. Here’s what Biden actually said in 2012: And Read more […]

After 2012 Most Americans Believe Elections are Rigged

I followed the 2012 elections pretty close and saw a substantial amount of evidence to indicate that these were perhaps the most corrupt and rigged elections in American history. There were numerous reports of people voting for Mitt Romney but the voting machines were switching the votes to Barack Obama. In areas like Cleveland, 149 precincts reported fewer than 10 votes for Romney. The statistical probability of this happening is extremely remote. In my own area a precinct worker not only Read more […]

Election Audit Reveals Thousands of Cases of Voter Fraud in North Carolina

When I wrote about a Cincinnati precinct worker who was convicted of voter fraud for voting for at least 6 other people and possibly more, one liberal chimed in that voter fraud is almost non-existent.  This person obviously neglected the facts of how many dead people, pets and non-citizens voted in primaries and general elections and how Democrats were caught teaching people how to vote in more than one state.  They also failed to acknowledge how many reports there were of voting machines that Read more […]

Obama Less than 10% towards Goal of Promised Million Manufacturing Jobs

When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he promised to create 5 million green jobs during his term.  He fell way short of his goal.  In fact, it seemed like there were more green companies folding and laying off thousands of people than there were green companies hiring new employees. During his 2012 re-election campaign, Obama again promised to create one million jobs, but this time in the manufacturing sector, not green energy.  He must have believed that his chances were better. If Read more […]

Obama Refuses to Extradite Brothers Who Raised Thousands in Campaign Donations

In the 1990s, Roberto Isaias served as the President of Filanbanco in Quito, Ecuador.  His brother William was the Vice President of the bank which was at the center of the financial collapse that rocked the South American country.  Filanbanco was one of 30 banks that collapsed between 1998-99.  The financial disaster ended up costing the Ecuadorian taxpayers over $8 billion. When the Ecuadorian government began investigating what happened, they discovered that the Isaias brothers falsified Read more […]

On Russian Aggression: Republicans 2, Obama 0

“[D]uring the 2008 presidential campaign,” reads an article at Daily Mail Online, “Foreign Affairs [Magazine] wrote an article ridiculing her [Sarah Palin’s] prediction that if then-Senator Barack Obama is elected into office, Russia under President Vladimir Putin will move to occupy Ukraine.” No one could ever mistake me for a Sarah Palin fan—I’ve made considerable efforts in the past to make sure my scoffs in her direction were heard by the Left and Right alike—but that doesn’t mean she’s Read more […]

Romney Admits 2012 Nomination Was Stolen

The new documentary Mitt, a Netflix original, is reigniting the almost smothered controversy over the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. There were an extraordinary number of GOP insiders and caucus members who smelled a rat. The trail of electioneering evidences from state to state is staggering. Many people believed that the nomination had been stolen from its deserving recipient—Ron Paul. Now, an offhand remark in Mitt seems to confirm that suspicion. According to Romney, someone from Read more […]

Al Qaeda’s Resurgence Shows Obama’s Ineptness As President

President Barack Obama has been bragging about how much he has decimated al Qaeda during his terms in office.  During the 2012 election, he kept telling America that the Islamic terrorist organization was ‘on the run.’  In fact, he used those descriptions of al Qaeda 32 times between the attack on the US Consulate compound in Benghazi and the week prior to the 2012 election. On Nov 1, 2012, just 5 days before the presidential election, Obama spoke to a crowd in Green Bay where he told them: “Thanks Read more […]

Liberal Hollywood Democrats Taking Movie Jobs Overseas

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and the Democrats kept harping that Romney was responsible for sending American jobs overseas.  It didn’t matter that the Obama administration had been doing the same thing by giving military contracts to Brazil and using a Canadian firm to help construct the infamous federal Obamacare exchange website that turned out to be a dismal failure. The Hollywood film industry was a huge supporter of Obama and his liberal policies.  Many in the film industry Read more […]

Mitch McConnell Bashes Tea Party

“The Senate Conservatives Fund is giving conservatism a bad name…They’re [SCF] participating in ruining the [Republican] brand. What they do is mislead their donors into believing the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause—which is utter nonsense…To have the kind of year we ought to have in 2014, we have to have electable candidates Read more […]

Conservative Supporters of GOP Gov. Walker Targets Of Subpoenas And Raids

When conservative Republican Scott Walker ran for governor of Wisconsin, he promised to do what he could to help curb the state deficit and bring spending back under control.  He won the election in 2010 and was sworn in as governor on January 3, 2011. Not long after taking office, Walker set out to cut state spending and one of those areas was to introduce his budget repair bill.  Part of this bill eliminated many of the collective bargaining rights of unions that represented many state workers.  Read more […]

Has GM Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden repeatedly told the American public that Romney helped send American jobs overseas.  Biden said it so often that it sounded like a broken record or a looped sound bite, mindlessly playing the same thing over and over and over again until everyone is sick and tired of hearing it.  They said it so often that millions of gullible voters began believing them and voted for Obama. If the current rumors are true, I wonder how Obama and Biden would justify their part in doing Read more […]