Yale Student Body Has PC Meltdown After One Email About Halloween Costumes

“Humans are nervous, touchy creatures and can be easily offended. Many are deeply insecure. They become focused and energized by taking offense; it makes them feel meaningful and alive.” – Michael Leunig It’s foolish to think social justice warriors can ever be appeased. To believe that by shutting up and indulging their nonsense we can live a life unbothered is to believe there’s a point at which these lunatics will be satisfied. There’s the rub. SJWs aren’t driven by any cause, but by a never Read more […]

How Inclusiveness Will Decimate American Society

There was a time when the word “American” was associated with strength. We were a people who could withstand anything that came our way, be it the bloodiest war or the deadliest disease. Strength was the bedrock upon which our nation was built. We stood in defiance of one of the most powerful civilizations in history, and freed ourselves from their tyranny. We fought and won a civil war, the result of which was the abolition of human slavery. We stood together on September 11th, 2001, when the worst Read more […]

Atheists Demand Removal of “In God We Trust” Decals from Police Cars

Atheists from the Freedom From Religion Foundation made their demands of the Childress Police Department in Texas to remove “In God We Trust” decals from their vehicles. The Police Chief Adrian Garcia responded to their demands by politely declining to satisfy their demands and suggesting that they “go fly a kite.” According to The Blaze: Addressed to “Annie” — Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor — the brief letter comes after Garcia announced earlier Read more […]

Homosexual Couple Not Satisfied with Marriage License From Kim Davis’s Office; Wants Kim Davis to Sign Off on It

There was nothing illegitimate (in the eyes of the state) about the marriage license that a homosexual couple received from Kim Davis’s office while she spent five days in prison. This was the same couple who precipitated the whole melee about the federal government being able to force country clerks to disobey their respective state laws. When the couple received their license, they seemed satisfied. But now they’re back, saying that they want Kim Davis herself to sign the license. Breitbart Read more […]

College Student Instructed to Remove American Flag from Dorm Window

School officials at the University of New Mexico don’t want students hanging Nazi flags or Confederate flags, so to make things easier and simpler, they’ve banned all flags. Students can hang whatever they want on the interior of their dorms, but windows constitute a public space according to the university’s policy, so the only thing that can hang there are the curtains. Campus Reform reported: “UNM didn’t want to start drawing a line between what you can hang in public spaces [and what Read more […]

Atheists Outraged Over Cross in Texas Teacher’s Classroom

Atheists claim to be outraged over every religion, but really the only religion they care about exterminating is Christianity. A teacher can teach Islam and have the students recite and write the five pillars of Islam, including saying, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” That’s just teaching students about various cultures around the world. Now, if the teacher had the students learn the Ten Commandments, that would be “proselytizing,” and Atheists would be angered Read more […]

Is it Discrimination for Office Depot to Refuse to Make Copies of Pro-Life Flyer?

Office Depot initially stated that a pro-life flyer that a customer wanted to make copies of violated their policy, which prohibited “hate speech” and “graphic content.” Now, after the media had picked up the story, Office Depot decided that they could accommodate the customer after all, even though the customer found another business to serve her. The customer had claimed that this scenario showed that Office Depot discriminated against her because of her religious beliefs. The Blaze Read more […]

Students Told to Write and Recite, “There is no God but Allah;” Atheists Silent

The only religion that Atheist organizations like the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association really care about is Christianity. To appear objective, Atheists might criticize religions like Islam, but they don’t harbor hatred toward them like they do with Christianity. If a public schoolteacher says anything about being a Christian, Atheists are quick to sue that teacher personally and in his professional capacity for violating the 1st Amendment’s “Establishment Read more […]

The Kim Davis Controversy Shows How Poorly Americans Grasp Christianity

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 John 1:9 The Kim Davis media spiral has gotten quickly out of hand. Davis, who has refused to issue marriage licenses to all couples ever since the SCOTUS decision granting marriage rights to same-sex couples, has continued to stand firm in her beliefs. This has caused the blood of many liberal elites and uneducated bystanders to boil. Let’s set aside any arguments of resignation, Read more […]

County Clerk Tests The Limits of Religious Freedom by Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Regardless of what any man puts on a piece of paper, the law of nature is not going to change.” – County Clerk Kim Davis The government will never compel someone to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. That’s what we’ve been told by every single liberal since the battle for same-sex marriage began. Well, look how that’s turned out. We have Christian bakers run out of business, Christian florists antagonized, and a Mennonite couple whose wedding chapel has been forced out of business. Those Read more […]

Students Told They Have to Get Permission From University to Hand Out Free Constitutions on Public Property

Just minutes after students with Young Americans for Liberty started to set up to hand out free U.S. Constitutions to student passersby, a school administrator told them that they had to obtain permission from the university in order to do what they’re doing. The University of Akron in Ohio is a public university, paid for by taxpayer dollars. Despite this, the school’s solicitation policy dictates that groups – whether they’re comprised of university students or people not affiliated with Read more […]

Students Told They’d Get Kicked Out if They Fly Any Flag on School Grounds

Liberals celebrate pluralism and claim that they fully embrace tolerance. The problem is that when you try to be accepting of everyone, everything, every idea, every flag, certain people get offended. Then, the natural response by the left is to shut everything down. “We want to be accepting of every flag, but that flag is too offensive. Therefore, flags aren’t allowed anymore…except the ones we endorse. Sorry.” And that of course, offends the most people. That’s the way it’ll be with Read more […]