National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact Over Halfway There

New York is the latest state to climb aboard the National Popular Vote (NPV) bandwagon that would effectively destroy the original purpose of the Electoral College. The NPV compact is an agreement between the Electoral Colleges of different states to grant their votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national, not state-wide, popular vote. There are many people that do not recognize how important this subtle shift actually is. So let me break it down for you. The Electoral College Read more […]

The Political failure of our 17th Amendment

President Obama is a political insemination created by the most dangerous alteration ever made to our constitution, the 17th Amendment. Likewise Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a career menace to honest representative government, was created by a century of government adherence to the principles of the 17th amendment. If the American electorate continues to turn a blind eye to this 20th century abomination our nation may never recover. For decades America has been waging political battles Read more […]