Carly Fiorina Blasts TSA in Scathing Yelp Review

Carly Fiorina gave the TSA one star, because zero stars is not listed as an option.

Yelp was hiding the review for whatever reason, but it’s still there. You just have to keep scrolling down and clicking on “continue reading other reviews that are not currently recommended.” Maybe it’s because her review comes across as a campaign ad.

Even so, what she said was true. Eventually, you’ll see hers. And she’s given the TSA one star, although I’m sure she wished she could have given zero or less if that were an option. Here’s what she wrote:

The TSA spent $160 million of your taxpayer dollars on body scanners that have a 96% failure rate. Unfortunately, these stories of inept federal bureaucracies have become far too common. It is part of a pattern that confirms what we have known for a long time about our government: it has become too big, too powerful, and too corrupt to do its job. How long have our borders been insecure? How long have we known that the Chinese were going to hack our systems? How long has the Veterans Administration been a stain on our nation’s honor?

The American people are tired of a professional political class that speaks in platitudes and cannot get anything done. Whatever your cause, whatever your issue, whatever festering problem you hoped would be resolved, the political class has failed you.

Talking regularly and publicly about these problems is important but, unfortunately, we know a Yelp review is not enough. Our next President must be willing to embrace innovation and to put pressure on the political system. She must have a track record of challenging the status quo and cutting bureaucracies down to size so that we can finally fix the festering problems in our federal government.

Join us:

I flew recently and was reminded just how much of a mess airport security is. It nearly made us miss our flight. We had about an hour layover in San Francisco and had to exit the airport and go to the international terminal and back through security again. The taking off the shoes nonsense, separating all your stuff in bins, taking off your belt, removing the contents from your pockets, going through the scanner and getting a pat-down (even after going through the scanner)…all that and all they have to show for is a 3% success rate and a ton of disgruntled passengers? What a joke.

All this random stuff they make us do is purely for theatrical purposes. It doesn’t do anything to make anyone safer. The only kind of security is provides is job security for TSA agents.