Cardinal Dolan’s Missed Opportunity

Once again the Catholic Church squandered its opportunity to call Democrats out for decades of state sanctioned murder. Dead babies in the tens of millions and he breaks bread with the perpetrators who lead the charge. Will Cardinal Dolan’s confession absolve him of his responsibility to hold the Democrats feet to the fire for their support of political ideologies that fly in the face of Catholic Doctrine and decent human behavior? What penance will God demand of him for his failure to lead when called upon?

I applaud the context of Cardinal Dolan’s prayer and his call to protect those yet to be born, but where is this man of strength and conviction when given the opportunity to publicly reprimand the biggest supporters of Catholic doctrine bashing modern times have seen. The party that removed God from its platform and only after considerable public outrage crammed the word G.O.D. back into it to avoid looking bad with voters. Cardinal Dolan should have called them all out by name beginning with Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Sandra Fluke informing them they are no longer welcome to part the doors at Catholic Churches as long as they support and defend legislation that has zero respect for life, morality and God’s laws.

If Cardinal Dolan had the courage of his conviction he would have stood up for those who can’t take care of themselves and passed a strong and resounding national message to every man, woman and journalist. The Catholic Church no longer wants you. Keep your money. We will care for the poor and the sick without you. We as Catholics will no longer bend to your attempts to destroy good for political gains. We will no longer sanction your behavior and your participation in the sacraments. Those gifts of our faith are reserved for Gods servants not his adversary’s.

Can you imagine the significance of such brave and unselfish action as to bring real consequence to immoral political leadership on the night of its leader’s coronation? The global Catholic Community would have erupted with admiration for a unique man of God and great men and women of all faiths would have stood with him. Can you imagine the number of disaffected Catholics who would be flocking to fill church pews left vacant be pro-choice liberal Catholics? Were there no lessons learned from Chic Fila Day? One man Dan Kathy risked his family’s life work to stand for his beliefs and the leader of the Catholic  Church in America marginalizes his own influence for fear of offending murderers and the morally bankrupt.

I interpreted the good Cardinals actions as a sign of surrender, but that is typical for the Catholic Hierarchy. Long gone are the days of conservatism in the Catholic Church. They have and continue to cave to social trends in order to keep the collection baskets full. Cardinal Dolan had an opportunity to make history as a great leader of the Catholic Church and an example to our nation of true courage. He chose poorly.