Carbon-Conscious EPA to “Frenetically Jet Around the Country” for Week-Long Earth Day Tour

Shortly after Al Gore’s “blockbuster” hit An Inconvenient Truth, a mass-forwarded e-mail went viral (which Snopes confirmed to be true). The e-mail described in detail two different houses and asked the reader to guess which one belonged to an environmentalist.

The first house that was described was a 10,000 square-foot, 20-room mansion heated by natural gas. Besides the 20 bedrooms, it had 8 bathrooms. It also had a pool and a pool house. According to the e-mail, the average electricity and gas bill ran $2,400 a month, and the amount of natural gas consumed by the mansion was over 20 times the average American home.

The second house that was described was a 4,000 square-foot, 4-bedroom house that incorporated every “eco-friendly” feature that current home construction offers. The house used geothermal heat pumps that drew ground water from 300-foot deep pipes, and this water was used to cool the house in the summer and heat it in the winter. This system used no natural gas and used only 25% of the electricity used to power a conventional heating and cooling system.

Rainwater was collected from the roof and funneled into an underground 25,000-gallon cistern. Wastewater from the showers, sinks, and toilets was sent through water purification tanks underground before being sent to the underground cistern. This cistern water was then used to irrigate the property around the house.

The e-mail’s surprise ending revealed that the first house, the gas-guzzling mansion, belonged to none other than Nobel Peace Prize-winning documentarian, Al Gore himself. The second house, the epitome of “green” efficiency, belonged to George W. Bush. Obviously, the point of the e-mail was to point out “an inconvenient hypocrisy” of the left.

Not only did Al Gore own such an extravagant house (I don’t know if he still lives there), we all know how he flies all around the world in his private jet (surely emitting evil greenhouse gases) in his attempt to evangelize people on the evils of carbon-emitting transportation.

And now, another paragon of environmental righteousness, the EPA, will be sending out their chief Gina McCarthy on a week-long “Earth Day” tour, which has angered even an environmentalist group. According to Fox News:

A national nonprofit environmental group is turning up the heat on the Environmental Protection Agency for sending its chief on an Earth Day-themed tour to call for action on climate change, arguing the multi-city excursion will hurt the environment. 

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says the greenhouse gases generated by EPA administrator Gina McCarthy’s week-long, five-city tour will “far exceed” any concrete action on climate change from her travels. 

“Frenetically jetting around the country appears to undercut [the] EPA’s message to ordinary Americans that they should conserve, consume less and reduce transportation pollution,” PEER Executive Director Jeff said in a statement. 

The EPA announced last week that McCarthy would visit New York, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and Memphis to “participate in various events to…focus on responsible steps to cut carbon pollution to slow the effects of climate change.”

The tour kicked off on Monday with a visit to Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” where McCarthy touted President Obama’s climate action plan. The tour will end on Friday with a tour of sustainable energy projects in Tennessee, the EPA said. 

Their hypocrisy is blinding. Yet, they’ll always find a way to justify it to “spread the message” of reducing “climate change.”