Can we Repeal the Spying Measures Embedded in the Omnibus Bill?


Conservative Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) has been fighting for our liberty since the day he entered Congress. His most difficult battles have been against his own party’s decision to support unconstitutional government spying on innocent Americans in the name of “protecting” us from the terrorists. Recently, Amash has been forced back onto the warpath after Congress decided to pass the horrible Omnibus Bill funding many of the most egregious liberal hobby horses around (like Planned Parenthood and the NSA’s unconstitutional spying).

“Many of my colleagues remain unaware that a massive surveillance bill was snuck into the omnibus,” Amash said in a statement provided to the Daily Dot. “And if they are aware, they may have been misled into believing this bill is about cybersecurity.”

Hopefully Congressman Amash and his conservative allies in Congress can defang the horrible Omnibus legislation before it does any real damage, but with so many supporters of Big Government in Congress… we’re not going to hold our breath.