Can The Middle Class Live Free In a Corrupt Nation?

While we argue about immigration reform and same sex marriage, trillions of dollars are flowing to the campaign coffers of both our Democrat and Republican representatives. Middle class ideals and voters are being persuaded to listen to their representatives and once again give them, all of them, another chance to straighten out the mess Washington caused when they betrayed their electorate and their oath to protect and defend our Constitution.

A peripheral look at the money flow in America is all any middle class citizen needs to understand which ideology will be rewarded in the years to come. As is always the case, the middle class (the real middle class, the people who pay their own way) are about to once again be exploited to service the political agendas of powerful money lobbies. The list of Washington’s top benefactors (available at reveals the industries that are shaping our legislation and molding our society in ways that will never benefit the middle class.

For decades, the middle class has been cemented to a vision that doesn’t exist; a vision of wise and prescient representatives that are fighting for your rights to secure the American dream. Somehow we believe that if we work hard, pay our taxes, fight their wars, and show compassion for the less capable among us we will be rewarded with the fruits of our labors. To put it simply, to have the freedom to choose a career, get married and raise a family, own a home, enjoy a modest retirement, and, if our health allows, watch our grandchildren grow in a better world.

Today our better world is being shaped by money rather than American ideals of life, liberty, and responsibility. Most middle class Americans rent their life from our state and federal governments. We own little of what we earn and our government is nothing more than a corrupt financial planner with an empty degree and a fat wallet.

If you are in the middle class, you should know that our lives are being shaped by a few industries that have purchased the power to direct our representatives to service their will. Campaign contributions directed by Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Real estate, Lawyers, and Petrochemical giants have a death grip on our government’s conscience. They are choking the life out of our Constitution and middle class’ future. Obscene donations to our elected representatives and the extortionist activities of twelve thousand lobbyists (who each and every day swarm and seduce a handful of fallible men and women entrusted to preserve our Republic) are calling the shots.

Election after election our national priorities shift from the peoples will to the demands and prophecies of industry’s pimps. And our elected representatives are using it to divide the middle class, the largest and strongest voice for America’s future, pitting neighbor against neighbor while the wealthy control your wealth and the low-income pilfer our futures. I’m proud of my middle class heritage, a heritage that teaches honesty above ill-gotten financial gain and sacrifice over special considerations. It kills me to watch it destroyed.

Unfortunately that is now a naive concept for far too many Americans. Now we fight over tertiary issues and are left to fight each other for a place in line to feed on the rotting carcass that once was the American dream.

If the middle class continues to allow their head to be turned by powerful money influences in our government they will be the last on the bread lines that are destined to come. Don’t believe me? Well just ask yourself how many bankers, mortgage giants and entitlement sponges are in prison? Why are they always the ones who get a pass while the middle class humps the economic burdens up Capitol Hill?

The middle class will never be able to afford to live free in a corrupt nation. Until we fight to remove all big money influence from our legislative processes we will only share scraps of the American dream and we will continue to rent our futures.