You Can Say F*g If You’re Liberal!

A hypocrite is one who looks in the mirror and becomes offended.

We are all hypocrites in one way or another—that’s not the essence of what I cannot stand. What irks me is the hypocrite who cannot see their own hypocrisy. The type of turnaround that gets the most press is the Liberal one. Every day, Liberals in the public eye create rules that only apply to those with whom they disagree. If we break one of these precious rules, we are flogged. But if a Liberal steps over the line, it’s just a one-off, no big deal offense.

A perfect example is Alec Baldwin. Recently, the actor–famous for his freak outs–called a paparazzi a “c***sucking f*g.” Now, if a conservative actor, or any well known conservative had uttered that phrase, there would be wall to wall news coverage. There would be marches down the streets of New York City, demanding not only an apology, but an exile. The offender would then apologize profusely, losing work for the rest of his life.

However, since Alec Baldwin is a raging Lib, there are zero consequences. Famous filth-monger Dan Savage Tweeted this in response to Baldwin’s slur:

“Alec Baldwin is a homophobic bigot. But unlike other homophobic bigots, Baldwin doesn’t believe his bigotry should be given force of law.”

“I would rather be called a c***sucker by someone who supports LGBT equality than called a nicer name by someone who works against it. Crazy!”

I’m sorry, what? That’s not even a slap on the wrist. That’s almost an apology FOR Baldwin. This is what you get when rules are applied liberally–so to speak. If one sets a standard, claiming to resent a phrase or a word, the resentment should be applied across the board. At least, that’s the theory. But in Libland, that’s never the case.

There are no real rules (plural) in Libland, there is only hatred toward conservatives. The hatred is the singular rule. Any rule built atop the basic standard of anti-conservative hatred must defer to its foundation. That being the case, unless the person breaking the commandments is conservative, nothing matters.

Welcome to the Bizarro world.