Can Has-Been Hillary Fix Male America’s Failures?

To secure her bite at the apple, Hillary Clinton must find a way to avoid criticism of the current President, deflect accountability for her disastrous reign at state, and convince America’s women, seniors, and youth that it is time for a woman to run the Republic. Given that today’s politics believes opinions transcend facts and emotions triumph over commonsense, my fear is she will probably be successful. After all, there is a growing consensus in America that trusting heterosexual god-fearing men to control government is dangerous.

The 2016 Presidential election is right around the corner. The Clinton machine is rolling, albeit slowly, towards the White House with the support of American women—women voters of all ages and backgrounds that voted overwhelmingly for slogans of “Hope & Change” in 2008 and “Forward” in 2012.

Clinton’s politicking always focuses on looking forward. Never back. Forward to bigger and better things, only another historic Presidency can solve. Male protected traditions are a danger to America. Its time for a woman to shape tomorrow. Men have failed us. It is our turn.

This will be the Democrats’ message.

No one can deny that there has always been a gender imbalance in our elected representation. Somehow, women, who possess the power to run and to vote as they wish, blame men for this inequality. American women want that changed. However, if we take a close look at Barrack Obama’s Presidency, first and second term, we will find that Obama has a women-heavy administration. His administration that has been incredibly creative about getting what they want without respect for America’s system of checks and balances.

Obama’s most valued advisor, Valerie Jared, is a woman. The Secretaries of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius, Department of the Interior, Sally Jewel, Department of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, Office of Management and Budget, Sylvia Burwell, and National Security Advisor, Susan Rice are all women. Half of the Presidents Intelligence and Advisory Board and Intelligence Oversight Board, Management Advisory Board, White House Council for Community Solutions, and the White House Czars are women.

The facts cannot be denied.  Never in our countries history have women played a more profound role in our governance then the last 4 ½ years. For American women to believe that men are in sole control of the country is a falsehood.

The Democrats in the US House of Representatives have a women leader, Nancy Pelosi and some of the most powerful members of the US Senate are women. Therefore, it is safe to say that a lack of gender diversity is not a problem plaguing our government. Immensely bad policy is the problem plaguing our government.

The White House’s top policy priorities are: immigration amnesty, same sex marriage, ending the war on terror, obamacare, head start, abortion rights, gun control, affirmative action, islamic outreach, citizen surveillance, entitlement expansion and increasing taxes. Not exactly, what I would consider sound governing policy. This is especially true since our country is experiencing: record real unemployment, stagnant economic growth, historically high levels of poverty, record national debt, incalculable unfunded entitlement liabilities, a failing public education system, record abortions, record divorce, and a voting system openly susceptible to non-citizen fraud.

The current Executive Administration, which is at least half-female, has had over four years to move America forward. The pinnacle of Obama administration successes, Obamacare, is proving to be both a logistical impossibility and a fiscal “train wreck.” Our military has been gutted and demoralized. American families are shouldering unsustainable debt. Our future generations understand more about tolerance than reading, writing, and arithmetic. And less than 50% of Americans have a full time job. This all from an administration that threatens to veto any legislation they do not like and blames its failures on men.

If American women choose to believe that Hillary Clinton and her administration will lead America out of this mess, purely because she is a woman, this country is sunk.

In 2008, emotions and opinions got the better of women as they overwhelmingly voted to elect the first African American US President. So did African Americans. The facts prove it was a bad choice. Commonsense leads me to believe it may happen again.