Campaigning is Stealing Our Prosperity

For decades, our government’s national priority has shifted to raising campaign contributions and giving empty speeches. Voters have yet to demand real changes in our campaign finance system and our politicians are sacrificing our nation’s future at corruptions altar. If we the voters don’t wake up and reform our campaign finance law in a meaningful way our country will never recover.

Less than 60 days until the election and I have yet to hear either candidate commit to a specific plan to rehabilitate a republic that requires earth shaking social and fiscal changes. Americans know more about the financial health of each campaign then they do about our Presidential candidate’s detailed solutions to our national crisis. Sadly political theater and campaign strategy dominate the national discussion while substantive conversations are noticeably absent from both campaigns. Why are voters so trusting of promises shaped by political expedience and campaign cash?

Money is flowing into both campaigns in obscene amounts from SuperPacs, unions, corporations and wealthy individuals intent on buying future access and favorable national policy. Election after election and the American public ignores the reality that our representative’s focus is shaped by the power of campaign contributions not public need. According to the Federal Election Commission over 1.2 billion dollars has been contributed to congressional candidates from all parties for the 2012 election. Presidential campaigns are on target to set new fundraising records. What kind of backroom promise is made to secure such civic benevolence?

Isn’t it obvious that our elected officials spend more time on campaigning then doing the peoples work? If we don’t demand changes to the existing system we will never see true leadership emerge to defend us. The Roves and Axelrod’s influence peddling must be removed from the process now or we will see continued hijacking of our government by campaign architects and our nation’s prosperity will disappear.

How is it that our economy is in the toilet, borders are unprotected, poverty is at an all-time high and yet Americans can’t make the connection with the massive flaw in our political system that has caused it? How can a nation that can’t pay its mortgage find billions of dollars to contribute to self-aggrandizing commercials and pageants peddling lies and distortions? Americans should be concerned about eliminating the sources of influence and purchasers of policy shaping our government agenda. This is the greatest national security threat we face today and yet it goes largely unaddressed by our representatives.

Everyday our government’s loyalty is auctioned off to the highest bidder and we sit home and let the cable TV wash over us. Both political parties understand that Americans have become lazy and government is using our complacency against us. They have the statistics and they know few of us vote. Unless the so called disaffected American voter rises up to demand change our future will be ruled by corruption. Main Street, our street, my street, and your street is getting the shaft and our future generations are learning to accept government corruption as part of our process instead of a cancer that requires treatment. Radical and immediate changes to campaign finance laws are paramount to elevating the power of the people over the will of the politically connected.

Do not allow this injustice to grow any longer. It has festered for too long and our nation can no longer afford to sacrifice it’s prosperity for any special interest group. We need our elected representatives working for the Republic not themselves. After all isn’t that why we send them to Washington?