Californians Consider Mileage Tax Amid Falling Gas Tax Revenues

Californians make up one of those blue states in the red. And one of the reasons they’re in the red is that they’re not bringing as much in from gas taxes. Since they’re a blue state, their natural reaction is to find something else to tax to make up for the shortfall.

Of course, this isn’t just a Democrat thing. Republicans like to tax and spend like Democrats do.

California has a 36-cent-per-gallon tax, one of the higher ones in the country. On top of that, the state imposes a 2.25% sales tax on gas. This fall in gas tax revenue is resultant from people’s buying more “fuel efficient” and “green” cars. They’re not buying as much gasoline and therefore not contributing as much to the state gas tax fund. They’re doing exactly as politicians told them to do in buying “cleaner” and more “planet friendly” vehicles, but now the politicians aren’t happy, because their coffers are running out.

People were buying the electric cars so that they wouldn’t have to pay so much for gas. Gas prices in California are insanely high. Even now, they’re pretty high compared to the falling national average, considering how high their taxes are.

There are people who believe they’re actually making the environment cleaner by buying these hybrid cars. They think the people who should actually be paying the gas taxes are those who are polluting the planet with their dirty gas-powered cars. Like that guy in the news video above said, “What we really should be doing is taxing the people who are harming the Earth with this non-sustainable fuel.” What’s ironic is that his holy electric car is charged with electricity that’s likely powered by a natural gas-fired plant.