California Trying to Force Churches to Cover Abortions

The state of California is trying to force churches to provide abortion coverage for their workers.

Forcing other businesses to cover things that those businesses find objectionable isn’t enough. The government needs to able to force every entity to cover things like abortion and abortifacient drugs. Churches are already being threatened with fines and jail time for not performing “gay weddings.” We have instances of churches being monitored to make sure their sermons are politically correct. Apparently, that’s not enough.

The Daily Caller reported:

The state of California is compelling churches to cover abortions, despite religious objections, or face the consequences from California’s Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC).

This new mandate comes in the face of the Supreme Court’s “Hobby Lobby” ruling, which argued that religious employers are exempt from providing several types of abortifacients to their employees. After this ruling, many on the left were enraged because of their belief that Hobby Lobby was a business, not a church, and wrong on the science, according to The Federalist.

Politicians on the left have long said churches would not be subject to these laws.

In a letter to the one of the churches involved, obtained by The Federalist, California’s DMHC argues that surgical abortion is “a medically necessary basic health care service for which all health care services plans must provide coverage under the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act.”

The letter goes on to state that, while the department recognized the religious exemptions at first, they are “now…requiring health care service plans to provide coverage of all terminations of pregnancies, effective immediately.”

Whatever happened to “separation of Church and State?” Why is the State wanting so desperately to be so involved in the Church? If a church doesn’t want anything to do with abortion coverage, that should be their business.

Even liberals will say something like, “Religion should only be for churches and people’s homes. Religion should be completely eradicated from schools and other government buildings.” But now, I think they want it completely eradicated from everywhere.

They claim they don’t want a theocracy. The thing is, we already live under a theocracy. Liberals want their religion shoved down everyone’s throats. They basically make up the “American Taliban.” A liberal Atheist has far more freedom in a Christian society than a Christian does in a liberal Atheist society, and they’re proving it everyday.