California School District Has History of Violating Students’ Religious Rights

If you were a school teacher who didn’t want any of your students to mention the real reason for Christmas, why would you give them an assignment to bring something from home that represented a family Christmas tradition?

Last December, a first grade teacher in Temecula, California gave her first graders that assignment.  One girl brought a Star of Bethlehem ornament that tops her family’s Christmas tree.  When it was the girl’s turn to share, the teacher stopped her and screamed at her to go take her seat.  The teacher then told the class that the girl was not allowed to mention the Bible or share any Bible verses and it turned out that the girl was the only one prevented from finishing her one minute report.  The principal told the parents of the girl that the Temecula Valley Unified School District has strict rules against sharing one’s religious faith.  So what was the teaching thinking would happen when she gave the assignment?

Last October, a student at another school in the same district was ridiculed in front of the rest of the class because of how they did an assignment.  A middle school teacher assigned the students to select and read a piece of nonfiction literature.  The student in question chose to read a selection from the Bible.  After that incident attorneys with Advocates for Faith and Freedom sent a letter to the school district urging them to educate themselves on the First Amendment rights and freedoms of students.

Now we are hearing about another incident involving another first grader two years ago. Victoria, a first grader had brought a Bible from home to donate to the school’s Birthday Book Program.  When she tried to donate the Bible, they told her it was not acceptable.  Victoria is now in third grade and after her father heard about the other cases involving the school district; he contacted the Advocates for Faith and Freedom who contacted the school on Victoria’s behalf.

Robert Tyler, an attorney with AFF told OneNewsNow:

“This is just another situation where you have a lot of well-intentioned school teachers and administrators who simply do not understand the contours of the First Amendment and the Constitution.  And they certainly have a misunderstanding, in many cases, of the separation of church and state.”

“The truth is that the First Amendment protects religious liberty within the public school system.”

Finally, two years later, Victoria was allowed to donate her Bible to the Birthday Book Program.  I can’t help but wonder what school officials did with the Bible after it was donated.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they threw the Bible away since this school district seems to have an agenda against religion.

The more I see and hear about schools violating the Frist Amendment religious rights of students, I wonder if it’s because they are ignorant of the Constitution, afraid of lawsuits or they have their own liberal agenda.  There is no shortage of instances where schools, teachers and administrators have been sued for violating the religious rights of their students and in the vast majority of cases, the courts have upheld the student’s rights.  With so many cases, you would think that school officials everywhere would be aware and know better than to repeat the mistakes of others, so I don’t believe that they are just ignorant.

If it’s not due to ignorance, then that leaves being afraid of lawsuits from atheists or they are pushing their liberal agenda.  It doesn’t make sense that they are afraid of lawsuits from atheists since so many are facing lawsuits from the religious families of students.  That leaves me with the conclusion that many schools are willfully and knowingly violating the First Amendment rights of students because they have a liberal agenda to help the leftwing crush religion and religious freedoms.

This is why it is so very important for parents to be actively involved with the education of their children and to know what they are being taught and told.  If you don’t stay informed, I assure you that your kids will have their constitutional rights trampled on by liberal teachers and administrators, especially in schools that are using the atheistic or Islamic based Common Core standards.