California Provides Means for Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Votes for Obama

Earlier this summer, President Barack Obama abused his office by issuing an executive order that illegally bypassed Congress and changed immigration law and policy by allowing nearly 1 million illegals to remain in America illegally and continue to take jobs away from American citizens.

One of the provisions of that executive order allows these illegals to apply for valid state driver’s licenses.  What many Americans don’t realize is that having a valid driver’s license also provides someone with access to many other privileges that go with being a U.S. citizen.  For example, in most states, a valid driver’s license is all one needs to purchase a gun and ammunition.  It also allows many people to take advantage of various state benefits and programs designed to help citizens that need help.

It’s also the only thing you need to register to vote in most states.  When I registered to vote in my state, I showed them my driver’s license and said yes that I was a U.S. citizen.  There was no other documentation necessary to register.

Some states have recognized the issue of providing a valid driver’s license to illegal aliens and have taken the necessary steps to prevent them from obtaining such.  So far Arizona, Nebraska and Mississippi are among those states that have enacted legislation or in the case of Arizona issued an executive order from the governor to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining state driver’s licenses.

Oregon has already announced that will be more than happy to issue driver’s licenses to illegals and now California’s Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a bill into law to allow the same.  Some estimates have placed the number of illegals covered under Obama’s actions around 400,000.  That’s a lot of potential illegal Democratic votes and could have a huge impact on state elections and perhaps the big one in November also.